Five Best Lash Looks You Can Create With Eyelash Extensions

Five Best Lash Looks You Can Create With Eyelash Extensions

Long, sexy eyelashes are a must-have for flirty fashionistas, but they don’t always come easy. It seems like we’ve tried everything to get thicker, stronger, fuller lashes: serums, supplements, curlers, plumpers, extenders, and mascaras. But to get Hollywood starlet level lash looks, you’ll need to consider eyelash extensions.

Are you ready to highlight your natural beauty with eyelash extensions? Here are five of the best lash looks to take your eyes to the next level:

1. Golden Sparkle. A warm, golden shimmer can really play up your eyes and emphasize your lashes too. Golden liner can really turn up the heat. To create this modern look, simply take a golden-colored eyeliner or bronzer and create a thin line just above your natural eyelashes. Then use the tip of your index finger (or a makeup brush/sponge) to smudge the line gently downward, creating a soft finish. Apply a small amount of the golden shimmer to the tips of the false lashes before you apply them for an extra touch of sparkle. This look pairs wonderfully with the soft, dark contrast of eyelash extensions.

2. The Flat Line. It might not sound all that daring, but this look will make your eyes pop. To create the flat line, use your eyeliner to draw one thick streak across your upper eyelid, extending the line outward just past the edge of your outer browline. You can achieve this look with any color eyeliner, however, darker shades offer the most dramatic contrast – especially when combined with the extra length of lash extensions.

3. Double Winged. A full cat eye was all the rage for quite some time, and now you can take it even one step further with this double winged effect. To create this modern look, draw one winged line on the upper eyelid, taking the liner from the inner corner of the eye, all the way to the outer corner with a thin tip at the end. The tip should start at the outer corner of the eye (between the lashes), and end in line with the end of your eyebrow. It will finish with a thick-to-thin corner. Then, do the same on the lower eyelid with a winged line from the outer corner of your eye, to the inner corner parallel to the line on the upper lid. This intense lash look works with any colors you can create, and any style of lash extension.

4. Watercolor Eyes. If you have ever painted with watercolors you know that soft, pastel colors can be very beautiful. Just apply that same idea to your eyelids with soft tones that work together to create a watercolor effect – one which will emphasize your eye color and your gorgeous lashes. For watercolor eyes, just apply shimmery tones of aqua blue, lemon yellow, and mellow lavender to your upper lids in any way you like, blending together hard lines between colors with the soft pad of your fingertip. Apply a clear shimmer over the top for an added glossy effect. This is a soft way to amp up any fun, flirty look with eyelash extensions.

5. Deep and Dark. When you’re ready to go bold – go dark. This cool, slick look is easy to create with just a black liner pencil, and dark shadow. For deep, dark eyes, apply a thick line of eyeliner from the tip of the inside of your upper eyelid to the outer edge of the upper lash line. Do the same on the lower lid, connecting the two lines with short winged tips. Apply a thin line of dark shadow (gray, black, or dark brown) over the liner, and then gently smudge the two lines together at the edges. With the full look of thick eyelash extensions, this is one of the most mysterious lash looks you can create.

The World’s First Magnetic Eyelash Extensions: One Two Lash from One Two Cosmetics

When it comes to false eyelashes, all sets are not created equal. In fact, clinical studies have shown that many conventional brands contain a toxic ingredient in the adhesives known to cause eye damage for those who wear these types of lashes. Known as formaldehyde, this toxin was found in high concentrations (above the standard threshold level) of glues and adhesives, and it was linked to inflammation and allergies in the eye.1

One Two Lash designed by One Two Cosmetics is different. You can apply these magnetic eyelash extensions without the use of any glue adhesive. There’s no mess, no time wasted, and no pain or damage associated with the lash extensions to your delicate eye area.

Try any of these styles of One Two Lash from One Two Cosmetics:

- One Two Cosmetic’s Original Lash. This natural looking Original Lash style features a sophisticated length that’s glamorous, but works with any look from daytime, to evening. It’s a traditional lash look without a “false lash” effect.

- Bold Lash. One Two Cosmetics’ Bold Lash is a high-intensity lash extension that adds volume to any look. Are you ready to get noticed? Try the Bold Lash.

- Accent Lash. The Accent Lash from One Two Cosmetics makes looking beautiful seem effortless. Designed with a flirty flip at the end of each lash, One Two Cosmetics’ Accent Lash set creates seriously mysterious eyes.

Use any one of these styles of One Two Lashes developed exclusively for One Two Cosmetics in these five best lash looks with eyelash extensions. They are sure to please the high glam goddess in you!


1. Amano Y, Sugimoto Y. Ocular disorders due to eyelash extensions. Cornea. 2012 Feb;31(2):121-5.