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New trends in social media

A month or so back I joined BeBee, great sight, I met some exciting people. Because I want to build up my network, when people ask me to connect, I connect.

Now, on a daily basis I get a message that says, “Please give me your email address, I have an exciting business opportunity I think you would be interested in”. These fine folks have never promoted my work and really never even looked at it but they feel they know me, I feel so special.

Linked In I get the same results only they email me, I have to literally jump through hoops in order to stop the emails. Corridor Elephant, a French firm took me 9 months to stop the emails. I would like to give these folks some marketing tips in order for them to be MORE successful than what they are. All you have to do is show some sort of an interest in what we do, converse with us on a friendly level, build trust. Instead of wham bam thank you mam…. I feel so cheap…. I am grabbing my clothes and going home….

New trends in social media

Deb 🐝 Helfrich 22/9/2016 · #1

You know, my MO seems to work. I basically wait until I've seen them commenting. Then you pretty much can tell you are interacting with a person. I also have a burner email - well, okay it is rather permanent but I have a different address for internet purposes which seems to work well as I am guarded about even giving that out.

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