"But his fellow scouts said, We are not able to go up against the people [ of canaaan] ,for they are stronger than we are."

1. Rule number 1. bridle your tongue ; the words you speak canbe use against you. "Tell them, As I live says the Lord , what you have said in My hearing I will do to you".Num 14:28. And God did it.Many people have lost their jobs , husband , a lucrative deal ,because they just spoke the wrong word at the wrong time. Even if you know the fact, be wise. Prov 17:28(NLT)"Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent."
2. What you say , even jokingly can become a trap. The book of Matt 12:37 (Amp version) says "For by your words you will be justified and acquitted ,and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced." Key-Ignorance of this truth is not an excuse . " demons have ears , they are just waiting for you to slip"
3. What you see with your physical eyes is only the fact and not the truth .Why is that? The HOLY SPIRIT that lives in us , is the Spirit of TRUTH. Let him be your judge , once you get his confirmation , you can take your decision. Him alone knows the truth, because His name is called the TRUTH . John 16:13 "Howbeith when he, the Spirit of truth ,is come , he will guide you into all truth ; for he shall not speak of himself ;but whatsoever he shall hear , that shall he speak;and he will shew you things to come." Isaiah 11:2 (NLT) . "He will delight in obeying the Lord.He will not judge by appearance nor make a decision based on hearsay." Key- once you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit , you will know . how ? He replaces your worries , with His peace . John 14:27
4.When you think the enemy is stronger than you . Note - he will always be! why? Prov 23;7 "For as he thinketh in his heart ,so is he:" When it comes to spiritual warfare, never allow the enemy think for once, he is winning . Act your faith and activate the power of God in you .(2 Tim 1:7) This scripture works Job 5:22 "At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh: neither shalt thou be afraid of destruction when it cometh." Laugh the devil and his agents to scorn .No matter , the arrows he throws at you . No dull moments, maintain your joy! Why? Becau