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A World of Uncharted Waters

A World of Uncharted WatersAll waters are uncharted territory.

Just because we have a map, it doesn't mean that we've been there before.  Someone else's experience may serve as a guide, or plan for us, but is no guarantee of our experience or success.

Just because we recall having been "there" before does not mean that we are somehow immune to the shifting tides and changing sands of time.

In either case, we should not become too emotionally vested in our personal expectations of the coming journey.  If for no other reasons than to avoid [self-imposed] setbacks from different experiences or outcomes than expected and to give ourselves the gift of virgin joy and excitement when positives outcomes are the result of that leg of our voyage.

As all human experience is unique to the specific individual, it is perhaps the expectations of our fear and uncertainty that are the only things we have in common with one another.

Water, and the universe, are constantly changing, moving through space and time, so that we are always the first - and only! - being to experience life at this particular place and time...

Happy exploring!

Tony 🐝 Rossi Oct 21, 2016 · #6

#5 will do, @CityVP Manjit! Thanks

CityVP Manjit Oct 21, 2016 · #5

Do check out E.F. Schumacher's Guide for the Perplexed. My copy is starting to get old but it is one of those books one can reference over time rather than read cover to cover. Schumacher provides a great map metaphor.

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Aurorasa Sima Oct 21, 2016 · #4

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Lisa Gallagher Oct 19, 2016 · #3

#2 Thanks @Tony Rossi, likewise! Nice to meet you!

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Tony 🐝 Rossi Oct 19, 2016 · #2

#1 thanks for reading and your comment, @Lisa Gallagher! Glad to be in such great new company! :-)

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Lisa Gallagher Oct 18, 2016 · #1

"Just because we have a map doesn't mean we've been there before." Ah, so true @Tony Rossi! Every experience is unique to each individual and how we choose to get from one destination to another, well many times we have to take detours along the way or the path is unknown until we've arrived. Nice buzz and Congrats to you for being named an Ambassador!

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