Best School in Tricity

ATS Valley School is one of the Best School in Tricity for Kids in India. We provide Innovative world class curriculum, follows the traditional Montessori method where we encourage students to learn, grow and conquer at their own pace. 

We at ATS Valley School aim to make learning an enjoyable process. Well ventilated and colorful class rooms. Increase listening skills and focus of Your kids by Some Extra Class Activities such as Story Telling provided by Best School in Tricity, that helps them to understand the pattern of language.

Best School in Chandigarh for your Kids to make their future secure and there can be multiple opportunities according to their interests. Our staff aims not just gaining knowledge but also includes values, beliefs which can help in holistic development of the Child.

There are swings, slides and climbing structures which allow the children to develop control in moving, climbing and balancing. The students are under constant supervision of a team of well qualified teachers.

ATS Valley School is famous for the teaching techniques in most creative way. From Nursery to UKG educated through some Class Activities so that they can be inspired to use visual, audible and physical sense. ATS Valley School provides an educational background that envelopes all manner of a child's being, that enables students to meet challenges and head life with a awareness supported by experience, honorable values, good decision-making skills, as well as equipoise and a respect for all life.

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ATS Valley School
Best School in Tricity