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A Child's Herbal Tea Time

A Child's Herbal Tea Time

Kids can and should enjoy herbal teas often. They are a great way to increase fluid intake for those who don’t like to drink plain water and of course you can control the sweetness unlike commercial fruit juice or pop. Herbal teas have important nutritional and even medicinal properties! If you are unfamiliar with herbs, here are just a few suggestions:

Nettle (stinging nettle, urtica) is one of the most nutritious herbs on the planet. A litre of nettle infusion contains 1200 mg of calcium, the recommended daily adult dose. Herbalist Susun Weed suggests drinking 3 cups every day for its outstanding mineral profile and "bio-availability". On its own, nettle is not a really attractive taste, but if you drink it often, your body will recognize the amazing nutritional content and you start to actually crave it!

I suggest adding some Peppermint to any herbal teapot to appeal to little tastebuds. Peppermint is great for tummy aches, gas and bloating, also for cough and colds or allergies. It balances energy, so it’s good for relaxing as well as giving a boost when needed. It also tastes great and you can have it any time.

Hibiscus tea is a beautiful red colour and tastes very sweet. You can make it on its own or add a little to other teas for the colour and sweetness.