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Twitter: Hijack The Hashtag

Twitter: Hijack The Hashtag

Highjack The Hashtag

We all want to be heard. This is a natural desire of the human race. I know personally every time someone likes, retweets, or comments on my stuff, I'll do a small fist pump in my office. Why? Because it's nice to know people are seeing my content! Perhaps you've been on Twitter for awhile and have gotten little to no traction on your content. This can be discouraging and frustrating so here are a couple hacks for Twitter through the utilization of hashtags! I call this method, "highjacking the hashtag."

1. Highjack The Trend 

You know those ever changing hashtags you see on the side of your twitter home page or in your twitter mobile search? Those seemingly meaningless phrases that are "trending" and are being used by everyone. Yeah those are pretty awesome opportunities especially if you want to increase engagement. Highjack the trend! Use those hashtags because it's free publicity! Get your organization's name out there by using trending hashtags to engage with the world. Stay engaged with the current trends and use them to your advantage. Perhaps your more organized and would rather have your social media planned in advanced. Well if we take a closer look we see that there are various hashtag trends that re-occur on a weekly basis. Why is this important? Because if you take that research and integrate it into your content plan, you can highjack the trend without having to react to the trend the day of. 

2. Highjack The Day Twitter: Hijack The Hashtag

Calendars are a beautiful thing. Why? Because they contain social media gold. The world loves to celebrate special occasions. From Christmas to national donut day to the Superbowl, you name it we probably celebrate it. Mark these special events on your content calendar and prepare content that incorporate these days. Get a dozen donuts and take a picture or video of your employees enjoying them and then hashtag it! Highjack the day! This not only creates a desirable social presence for your company, it can also increases your impressions and engagements on Twitter. Plus, it is a ton of fun to keep up with all these special celebrations. 

3. Highjack The News 

Twitter: Hijack The Hashtag

I make a distinction between news highjacking and trend highjacking. Why? Because highjacking the news requires a deeper strategy for your content. If an event has occurred in the news and it is relevant to your organization, you need to begin the highjacking prep. I believe this news highjacking can produce the most valuable engagement if used correctly. First, monitor and identify the news relevant to your company and see if it's trending. Second, find or create content that specifically addresses the news event. Third, hijack the news. Finally, send it off into the world wide network of twitter, and trust me I know you will most likely be pleased with the results. People want perspective on current news, and if you have the opportunity to be that perspective, you need to highjack that news!  This will increase your social audience and your personal credibility on Twitter. 

Twitter is a great resource to drive traffic back to your company. Don't make things difficult on social media! Use simple twitter techniques to put ahead of the competition, and the hijack the hashtag method is a great start. 

Twitter: Hijack The Hashtag
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