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How To Make Your App Hack Proof

With the percent of fraud cases happening over mobile apps having increased to over 600% in just a matter of three years, the sorry state of mobile app security in today’s time has come under a all new limelight.

What earlier kept users hooked to an app - performance - has now been replaced by security. Today’s users are willing to overlook a few minor design and app hang issues if they are getting a hack proof service. As they have now come to understand that hackers don’t necessarily come from the dark corners of the internet, even brands like Cambridge Analytica misuse data for business gains, which ultimately impacts not just their trust but the whole app industry as well.

How To Make Your App Hack Proof

There’s a lot that you, as app creators can do to ensure that your mobile app is not the source of data leaks.

In this article, we will look into the different steps that businesses can take to ensure that the app that is leaving their factory is hack proof.

Let’s Begin -

1. Secure the App Code from the Very Beginning

In case of Native apps, the code usually resides on the device after the app is installed, which makes it highly accessible to the hackers when not secured properly.

In terms of securing your code, there are a number of steps that you can take -

  • Protect the mobile app code with the help of encryption

  • Test the app code for different scenarios of vulnerabilities

  • The secure code should be able to port between operating systems and devices easily

2. Secure Network Connection from the Backend

Your mobile app APIs will be constantly accessing servers and cloud servers for better app performance. You will have to ensure that proper security measures are in place with respect to them.

The things that you can do to ensure that include -

  • Encrypt Connection with SSL, VPN, and TLS

  • Containerization

  • Federation

3. Multifactor Authentication System

A single layer of login or authentication should never be promoted. It is much easier for a hacker to cross one layer than crossing two or three layers before he enters the mobile app. So, if you already have the provision of entering a passcode, extend it to biometric and one time password for an extra secure app entry. Although, it may annoy your users at the beginning, but in the long run, they would appreciate the precautionary measures that you have taken to ensure their data is safe.

4. Involve a Team of Skilled Quality Assurance Experts

One of the full fledged ways of protecting your mobile app against any instances of security or data breach is to hire a team of quality assurance experts who would test your app under different scenarios, to ensure that it is breach proof.

Here were the 4 tips that would ensure that your mobile app is hack proof. In the end of the day, with such huge rise in the instances of data breach, it has become imperative that you leave no code or API unchecked. Do you know of any other way to ensure that the app is hack proof? Let us know in the comments below.