8 industries you didn’t expect to be driven by recommendations!

8 industries you didn’t expect to be driven by recommendations!

Everyone who loves watching films, listening to music, traveling, or shopping online will agree that there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding new products or destinations that are “just right”. But not everybody is aware that behind pretty much every online recommendation hides a set of carefully crafted algorithms that provide us with all the clickable suggestions. Recommendations solutions provide a hip new way of seeping through tons of existing content and personalizing suggestions corresponding to your established tastes. Users have a choice of either actively participating in helping the system gather enough data to give you a more personalized experience or to miss out completely on an amazing discovery! No recommendations are the same. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of eight industries where game-changing recommendations solutions are available today.


Any YouTube or Netflix user knows that recommendations are the sweet part of the deal when watching a video. Now think, how do millions of video providers keep their users from switching from their site to a competing provider? You got it – a recommendations solution. And not just any solution, but the system that brings the best value for their money. Clickable suggestions mean user retention, and therefore income.


One of the most intricate recommender systems is in the music industry. Being able to understand your online listening behavior and suggest artists or songs that you might potentially fall head-over-heals in love with is as much as science as an art. With many systems, you must have seen that recommendations are generated and changed organically, depending on your listening behavior and the factors you input when signing up to the service.


How did you find this article? Most likely through one of the recommendations solution, which means they work well! But the fact remains, every piece of news information you get through your online sources are directly linked to your reading behavior. Ever notice how facebook suggests articles that are similar in nature from the different sources that you have liked say ted talks or mashable? Yes, you guessed right! They also use a gathering of hard data of user behavior and apply it to the existing pool of information to generate recommendations.


Hockey, football, baseball – you name it! Staying in the know is important for all sports fans that r