Take Advantage of Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities

Take Advantage of Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunitiesresponsible for generating extra revenue through these methods of selling. However, as technology has evolved, the burden is now being handled by advanced recommendation systems that are in tune with the needs of individual users.


In the world of business, there are two popular methods for selling additional products to your consumers: cross-selling and upselling. It is often assumed that they are the same thing, but they are very different and while recommendation systems are capable of offering suggestions that appeal to both styles, it is important to understand the differences between the two.

Cross-selling refers to product recommendations that are sold in an effort to accessorize with the main purchase. For example, if you buy a new laptop, a cross-selling recommendation would suggest that you buy speakers, a printer, or a mouse for your new computer. On the other hand, upselling would suggest that you upgrade to a faster processor, add additional ram, or a larger display. One deals with similar products, and the other deals with increasing the value of the product they are buying. Both of these selling methods have their own advantages.


Consumers like being recommended products; while most consumers shop with an idea in mind, they are receptive to being suggested items they wouldn’t have considered or things that will improve their targeted purchase. Recommendation systems provide companies with a rare opportunity to provide product suggestions through cross-selling and upselling, without being pushy and agitating their customers.

Traditional salespeople can sometimes be seen as too pushy and can make a customer feel as if they are being coerced and forced to interact with someone they don’t want to. Recommendation systems provide the same service, but in a much passive way that lets the user still feel in control. Using the laptop example, consumers rarely have an issue with a drop down box that shows the various upgrades for the laptop they are looking to buy. People don’t like feeling cornered, but they like having options.

Data gathered by Predictive Intent suggests that upselling performs 20 times better than cross-selling on pr