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How To Skyrocket Your Income With Instant Commissions

How To Skyrocket Your Income With Instant Commissions

I'm Troy Hollenbeck...

I help love to entrepreneurs with personal development, lead generation, personal branding and creating an incredible life YOU deserve

1K PER DAY Facebook Formula to Skyrocket your income!

The Secret Underground “$1K Per Day Facebook Formula” that Generated Sharlene Savage made. $10,620 In Just 2 weeks Without Spending A Penny On Paid Advertising

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$100,000 Per Year In Additional Income Working Part Time? YES!

Hello, my name is Troy Hollenbeck and I’d like personally congratulate for taking the first step to take your life to the next level and live a freedom and abundance lifestyle. You’ve definitely come to the right place. I’ll be taking 100 more families in 2017 and helping them add $100,000 to their annual income. Will one of them be YOURS?

I’ve been marketing online for a long time and I was STUCK. That’s until I met my millionaire mentor Darren Little. 

My mind was absolutely blown away when my millionaire mentor Darren Little shared with me his secret 7 figure underground formula he used to generate $108,000 CASH To his Paypal account in just 30 days of getting started with ZERO paid ads..

With this strategy, you are going to learn how to start popping up $1,000 in instant commissions to your Paypal account daily and how you can create a $10K monthly marketing budget for ANY business. We’ve helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to completely change their lives in 30 to 90 days. It can happen for you too with my mentorship.

Reach out to me on Facebook and find out more how you can transform your financial situation and never worry about money ever again in your life. 


Watch a power interview on how Iulia Tudor became a 5-figure income earner within less than 3 months

#1 Live Millionaire Mentoring With Darren Little ($10,000 Value)

You are going to get LIVE millionaire mentoring from Darren Little and Ari Maccabi who are multiple 7 Figures income earners who will take you behind the scenes and show you LIVE exactly what they are doing to produce results.

People pay $10,000 to get access to the same level of mentoring and you are going to get absolutely for free as a bonus for being part of our Black Ops team.

Bonus #2 – $1K Per Day Facebook Blueprint Members Area  ($5,000 Value)

You are going to get access to over 25+ hours of coaching inside the $1K Per Day Facebook Blueprint members area where you are going to learn exactly Step-by-Step how I made $91,200 In 4 months In Black Ops team without spending a penny on paid marketing, just by leveraging 100% Free Facebook strategies.


– All Past Recorded Group Mentoring Replays
– How To Turn Facebook Into ATM Machine
– How To Build Your Audience To 5,000 Friends In The Industry
– The 7 Figure Formula: How To Go From Zero To $50,000 A Month!
– Underlying Psychological Triggers That Will Magnetically Attract People To Do Business With You
– Exactly How To Have People Join Your Business Easily In Less Than 30 Minutes
– How To Create A Breakthrough In Your Income
– How To Deeply Connect With Your Prospects
– How To Automate Your Posting To Facebook Groups & Generate Leads and Friend Request On Autopilot
– How To Build Rapport With Prospects Without Even Talking To Them


Bonus #3 – Weekly Live Mentoring With Vitaliy Dubinin ($3,000 Value)

You are going to get access to LIVE weekly group mentoring calls with Vitaliy Dubinin where you will learn the behind the scene secrets that allowed Vitaliy to make $91,200 in 4 months, latest updates, and strategies that are working the best.

You’ll be able to watch how Vitaliy recruits people LIVE right before your eyes and makes $1,000 commissions, and you’ll be able to ask any questions, interact and get feedback to fast track your results. It’s like getting private mentoring from the comfort of your home.

Bonus #4 How To Recruit New Reps In 6 To 45 Minutes  ($997 Value)

You will learn exactly how to recruit people effortlessly to ANY company using Facebook free strategy and it will take you from 6 to 45 minutes.

– It’s rejection free
– Rise to the top of the leaderboards in ANY company.
– Watch this training 6 times for maximum results

Bonus #5 Ongoing Support In Secret $1K Per Day Group Chat  ($1,000 Value)

Get access 24/7 to my $1K per day group chat where you can ask me any questions and also mastermind and get help from hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs

Bonus #6 Secret Black Ops Underground Facebook  ($2,000 Value)

You are going to get 24/7 support inside our private Black Ops Facebook group, you will never feel like you are doing it all alone. Get access to your mentors every day.

You will get access to all of our marketing campaigns, the graphics we use, the copy that you can swipe and deploy to help you start popping $1,000 commissions daily.

Everything you need to succeed is shared inside this group.

Bonus #7 – How To Start Shooting Videos Like A  Total Marketing Rockstar To Generate Leads & Sales ($200 Value)

The best way to demonstrate your leadership and value in the marketplace and to build trust with your prospects before you even speak to them is through shooting your videos. Over the course of 2 years, I’ve shot 700+ videos and I’ll teach you exactly how to rock videos to generate leads and sales. You’ll learn:

– 3 Step Video Formula For Creating Effective Videos That Convert
– How to overcome your fears of shooting videos quickly
– 12 types of videos you can create
– How to sell more affiliate marketing products with video
– Where to get ideas for your videos
– How to structure your videos

Bonus #8 – How To Create Your Own Lead Magnets  & High-Converting Landing Pages ($200 Value)

If you want to step to the next level and create your own funnels and marketing campaigns, if you want to totally brand yourself and generate an email list of people who know, like and trust you, then you gotta create your lead magnet, funnel and high converting landing pages. You’ll learn:

– 9 Things That Every Great Lead Magnet Must Have
– How to craft the hook that will attract your ideal business builders to you
– 13-step checklist to design the most highly-converting landing pages
– 18 Hypnotic Headlines proven to convert visitors to leads|
– 9 Most common types of lead magnets and how to create them
– How to create a basic sales funnel that will generate you sales
– The 4 Step capture page video script

Bonus #9 – How To Make More Profits & Increase Sales With Email Marketing ($200 Value)

Your email list is your #1 asset online, you want to build your list and cultivate goodwill and generate trust while you build relationships with your email subscribers and you will continue to generate profits every month. You’ll learn:

– Why Email List Is Your #1 Asset Online
– The Only 3 Things That You Need To Do
– Every Time You Write A Money-Making Email
– Why The Source Of Your Leads Matter
– How To Write A Compelling Email That Gets You Results
– Subject Line Formulas
– The Magic Email Techniques

EXTRA BONUS – One on One Coaching Call With Myself Troy Hollenbeck

I'm super dedicated to your success and will ensure that you get results, and as a leader on Linkedin in the B2B industry, I'm offering a special FREE one on one coaching with me. Yes, I'll mentor you from the ground up, zero to hero!

I want to learn the Facebook strategies, immediately start applying what you have learned, and get the results. I'll be here every step of the way for you.

We will actually get on a coaching call and I’ll see your progress, give you feedback and make sure that you step into your leadership and power so you can generate life changing income online.

Schedule your FREE 30-minute strategy & coaching session here

Message me on Facebook for more information on how to get started with our Black Ops Mentoring


Do I need any technical skills?

– No, we will give you the funnels to use and everything you need to succeed.
– If you can post on Facebook and chat with people, you can do this business.

Is there any investment needed after I join?

– There are no monthly fees and there are no upsells. It’s $299/year of $99/Quarter for Exitus Elite Membership and $1,050 1 time payment for Genesis Elite library.
– There is no additional money needed to buy traffic.
– All additional online tools, mentoring and traffic can be useful, but not required to make profits.

How fast can I start making money?

– It will depend on you, how coachable you are, how much effort you put in, your mindset and consistency.
– How fast are you going to step into leadership? It’s up to you.
– We have 17 years old kid making $34,000 the first month from scratch. The sky is the limit to what you can achieve! 

Get Ready For Life Changing Instant Commissions

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