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Some Facts and Figures About the Amazing City of Dubai

Can you imagine 1st of all that the crimes' rate in the metropolis is around 0%?! in reality, their area unit solely quite a few incidents of crimes that occur within the town. this can be thought-about to be the best safety rate to be found anyplace within the world thanks to the advanced security systems and therefore the state of well-being most are feeling in the metropolis. this can be thought-about among one in all the explanations why tourists started booking their tours to metropolis.

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Some Facts and Figures About the Amazing City of Dubai

Would you think that one in all four skyscrapers within the world is found in the metropolis? the town has around twenty-fifth of the cranes that area unit wont to construct vast buildings within the world. many travelers United Nations agency tour metropolis relish looking at these marvelous vast constructions and sky capers.

Another fascinating subject area truth concerning metropolis is that the sand that was wont to construct Palm Island is enough to make around 3 Empire State buildings. the quantity of sand required to ascertain the island was calculable to be around ninety-four million sq. meters of sand, whereas the New York Building, needed solely thirty-seven sq. meters of sand. the town has abundant astonishment that grabs the eye of the many vacationers to relish their holidays in the metropolis.

Dubai welcomes a large variety of tourists per annum. This variety is quite huge to the extent that the number of tourists United Nations agency visited a town in 2013 exceeded the number of inhabitants of the town of Shenzhen in China, the tenth-largest town within the world in terms of population. Tourists United Nations agency spent their vacations in a metropolis in 2013 were over eleven million.

Dubai is nicknamed likewise because of the town of world records. the town has the most important and highest skyscrapers within the world, the most important mall, the most important fish marine museum, and therefore the biggest artificial dockage within the whole world. these wonderful attractions encourage several travelers to pay their holidays in the metropolis.

Among the foremost attention-grabbing highlights of the metropolis area unit the brilliant diversion fountains of town. metropolis has the most important and most spectacular diversion fountain within the whole world with an expanse that exceeds thirty acres and therefore the pool to a height that's over one hundred fifty meters. this can be another excuse why several travelers favor to tour metropolis, to look at these marvelous attractions.