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Start New Year with New Innings - Buy Luxury Residences Only at EM Bypass

Start New Year with New Innings - Buy Luxury Residences Only at EM Bypass

So you have always fascinated about having your own luxury home one day. What’s stopping you then? Currently, there are a few real estate providers based in Kolkata who are well reputed and who are providing high-quality apartments and houses at affordable rates. These residential apartments in Kolkata, are located away from the chaos and pandemonium of the main city and are located in serene and upscale suburbs.

These apartments are first of all very affordable. The price is reasonable, fixed and nonscalable. All current prices and possible prices are clearly specified in the GTC (General Terms and Conditions) so that you do not get any nasty surprises and sudden price inflations. There are also adequate arrangements for payment methods such as down payment and installment payment so that you can pay for a comfortable and hassle-free manner.

The houses or apartments are constructed in an eco-friendly way so that there is minimal wastage of resources. The apartments are built in such a way so that there is the optimum scope of ventilation and cross ventilation. Other eco-friendly activities these apartments provides are recycling of water from STP for various activities like gardening and rainwater harvesting.

The floors of the apartments are made either from top quality Italian marble or from the best Pergo class wood. The floors of the dining room and living room is made of marble whereas the floor in the bedroom is made from fine, polished Pergo wood.

The apartment is situated close to the lake where you can partake in various types of fun recreational activities boating, fishing etc. The lake has certain unique features like floating fountains, duck huts, a marina with a viewing deck etc. The lake also has a plethora of beautiful gardens around it such as rock gardens, hibiscus gardens, pet gardens and sacred garden.

There is an exclusive club which provides all sorts of unique recreational activities like a 71 seater private theater, separate facilities like arrangements for indoor games like billiard, carom, table tennis etc and there are fields for practicing outdoor sports activities like cricket, football, tennis, badminton, rock climbing etc.

There are banquet halls with decks, terraces tailor-made for parties and special laws which are bedecked with special LED lights that light up the atmosphere instantly.  

If you are looking for the perfect home that will be your little piece of heaven on earth, your personal abode where you can forget all of your worries and that too at an affordable rate why not consider buying such a residential project in EM Bypass for a prospective home?