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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain is being adopted by multiple industries, which seek decentralization, transparency, and automation in a secure environment.

Still, there are numerous factors that hold this technology back. First and foremost, enterprises expect changes in their business processes to happen soon enough to evaluate the virtues of blockchain implementation. Unfortunately, projects don’t make progress quickly, which makes decision-makers think that they’ve failed.

In most cases, the reason for such shortcomings is the lack of a structured approach with new-school mentality applied.

The only solution is to educate yourself, be aware of the latest real use cases, and involve blockchain consulting experts to help you out on the way to blockchain adoption.

First, you need to Investigate whether there are professionals with blockchain expertise or an established digital laboratory to initiate blockchain adoption within your company.

Then, explore real use cases of top companies and find the scenario with the greatest implementation potential for your organization.

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Blockchain Adoption

I’d recommend checking this cheat sheet that shortlists top ten criteria to assist decision-makers in evaluating blockchain as a solution to improve enterprise processes. The document also features a five-tier architecture that helps to build a better understanding of what a potential blockchain implementation within your industry may have. Finally, the cheat sheet provides a sample roadmap to start a blockchain journey.