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Declutter a Room

Declutter a Room

Declutter a Room

YEYYY! A Collaboration with thegirlinspired.

Jenna's channel:

Jenna's video:

I am so excited to colab with Jenna (thegirlinspired) I have been following her channel for a while and LOVE it! I She has awesome videos and I love how she curates LIFE!

This is her channel :D

Jenna and I started brainstorming on what we were passionate about this month and decluttering was at the top of the list. Jenna recently got married :D (CONGRATS!) and I just found out I am moving out of state possibly (there is a possibility I might stay in Houston.

Eitherway, I need some decluttering to go on in life. And my sister is coming to visit, so this was the perfect opporutnity to tackle the guest room.

I am a fa of a 3 step system to get things in order.

1) clean



1) You should dust, vacuum, and wipe down everything, in that order.

2)Make sure you get rid of everything you don't need. Find the perfect space for everything. The best spot is exactly where you WANT it. Where is the place you will need it or use it the most.

3) Pick out showstoppers, or particularly significant items and showcase them. It really cuts down on decor expenses and it makes your space very homey and inviting to you and your guests.

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