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DIY Homemade Shampoo

DIY Homemade Shampoo

DIY homemade natural shampoo!

DIY Homemade Shampoo

This is the first attempt at diy shampoo, Check out how my hair turned out!

The recipe I used was:

dr. bronner's shampoo- 4 TB

Honey (raw) - 1TB

Apple cider vinegar - 1TB

Tea tree oil- 10 drops

jojoba oil- 10 drops

When you shake it it gets really frothy and soft, I LOOOOVED it as a body wash!

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Lisa Gallagher 30/9/2016 · #1

@Valeriana 102, nice video you put together! I have to admit, I thought it looked a bit wet or greasy too. I know I would not be a fan since I have straight hair but I would try the recipe as a body wash! I wonder if it works differently for people with extremely thick, curly hair? It would be worth trying it, they may love the feel and it might make their hair feel less heavy?

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