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Glitter lips DIY

Glitter lips DIY I am in love with this trend! It looks fantastic!! 

Glitter lips DIY

Best Kept Secret in Hollywood! Glitter LIPS Diet!

A dupe for the Pat McGrawth lip kits that makeup a full glitter lips ensemble is easier (AND CHEAPER) to DIY than you might think.

As you know, I LOVE a good DUPE and today's video is no exception. You can ABSOLUTELY get an awesome full glitter lips look under $10, and even better, most makeup lovers already have a beloved lipgloss and some glitter.


Girl you can use ANY GLITTER you want. This NYX glitter is cosmetic glitter, which means it is super small and it looks the absolute best in makeup. These Nyx ones are great quality, look fantastic and they are cheap (at around $5).

About taking the glitter lips off:

It i exactly how I explained in the video at 3:00 you can jump there if that is what you would like to see :)

But I might as well just brief you right now... giiirl persistence is the name of the game! These will stay on FOREVA if you want them to. I did go out (didn't eat anything, obviously) and hours later my glitter lips were still put. So that is good too right?!

I am so excited about this dupe for the Pat McGrawth glitter lip kits because so many more of us can jump on the van wagon :)

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