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Most RaNdOm Haul Ever!

 Most RaNdOm Haul Ever!
This is a very random but fun and entertaining going to the mall haul :D I hope you like it and that it might inspire you for some thrifty weekending :D 

Sometimes life is better on sale :) I love Victoria's Secret sales and girl, they always have something going on so don't get Victoria's secret goodies full price, trust. In case you are late to the party, they have a semi annual sale twice a year with some awesome deals :). 

But Victoria's Secret is not all, Lush has a once a year sale for their christmas goodies on December 26th :) but something some people don't know is that this "box day sale" (I really don't know why it is called that, but nevertheless that is its name) lasts until stock runs out. I actually got some soap half off in January :) But stuff runs out quick at Lush so make sure you get what you came for asap. 

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