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The four most important things to remember for a kitchen remodel

The four most important things to remember for a kitchen remodel

There are so many options you have available when you decide to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen remodels are difficult because there is so much that needs to go into a functional, modern kitchen and there is so little room for error. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, here are four things you need to remember.

Smart storage

No matter how large your kitchen, it seems there’s never enough space for everything you need to store in it. Storage space has to be a top priority as you plan your kitchen remodel. Start by taking an inventory of all your kitchen tools that you need to have a space for. Pay especially close attention to those areas in your kitchen where the drawers and cabinets are overstuffed and consider how you can alleviate some of that strain with a remodel. You may need to be creative with your kitchen storage, especially when space is more limited. For a corner cabinet, install a rotating cabinet organizer that allows you to maximize that space. Have a cupboard that’s taken up entirely by pots and pans? Hang a pot and pan rack above your island to free up that space.

A kitchen island that meets your family’s needs

A kitchen island can be so much more than just additional food preparation and storage space if you need it to me. You should customize your island based on your cooking and entertainment style. For instance, if you entertain lots of guests and cook large meals, having an extra sink built into your kitchen island for food preparation and cleanup can be a big help. A kitchen island can also double as a place to serve food. Instead of storage on one side, have the countertop hang over and tuck some bar stools beneath and you have a place for serving hors d’oeuvres next time you’re entertaining.

Invest in a nice faucet

Cleanup after a meal is everyone’s least favorite chore, and while a quality faucet for your sink may not make the task fun, it will make it a lot easier. A faucet that pulls free from its base for rinsing down your sink and washing larger items is a must. There are plenty of smart faucet features you consider as well such as built-in LEDs that warn you when the water is hot, and touch-activated taps that allow you to turn water on and off easily when your hands are dirty.

Focus on quick and easy upgrades

Kitchen remodels tend to be on the expensive side but often the best remodeling projects are simple and inexpensive. Don’t think that you have to spend a fortune upgrading your kitchen. One project that any homeowner can do is install a p