Tagging or not tagging?

Tagging or not tagging?

“Tagging children? What a thought? Yes, why not!”

What is tagging?

To tag means to identify someone or something. For instance, we use ID tags for personal identification at work, patients at the hospital, the military personnel, beef, pets, vehicles, packages, …

How does it work?

Tags use normally Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology. These devices use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. Some of the tags contain a GPS system and electronically stored information.

Tagging or not tagging?

Why do we tag someone?

We tag prisoners with an ankle monitor when on parole, people entering into restricted areas, ... If not, how could you have a log that somebody entered a treasury room? Even you use cameras to track these people, some even with facial recognition.

We tag people to register when they start to work and when they finish.

We tag workers at airports with other security measures for our security. For the travelers, we must have our biometric tagged passports and tagged boarding cards with us all the time.

Why do we tag animals?

Our health is in jeopardy. How many food poisonings happen every single day?

With tags, we might find culprit – here still is a lot of work to be done.

Tagging or not tagging?

Why not to tag children?

Since already more than a decade some hospitals tag the babies. What a thought to tag babies? Why tag a baby? How many babies have been abducted? How many babies have been interchanged?

Tagging or not tagging?

Source: http://bit.ly/2gyMTqp

The nurses cannot recognize every baby that they treat. Certain hospitals may contain a few dozen babies.

Some parents, going through their joys, can’t recognize a baby, especially if they do not have specific identifiable marks.

Here is where tags come in handy, some on a plastic-paper format (glued) with a chip and others with an electronic GPS system.

These devises emit every 5 seconds a signal treated by a computer. If defective or the child is not nearby the nursery, an alarm will be set automatically and alert the security guards and nobody might leave or enter the hospital until the child is found.

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