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Hospitals need a Champion to help them survive in this time of increasing audits and recoupments by Governmental and Commercial Payers. Premier Medial Appeals is that Champion

What sets Premier Medical Appeals apart? We are built by experienced and successful Case Management and Appeals Nurses, Master Coder and clinical professionals who have been through every step of the process from admission to post discharge review, hospital audits, massive RAC and MAC recoups. We have been on the facility side of MAC and RAC, and are successful in finding the mistakes made by CMS and third party auditors. Our team has a history of 100% overturn rate before the Administrative Law Judge.

The linked article from RAC Monitor, What Do You Expect From an Independent Audit? Part I is an important tool for healthcare facilities departments such as case management and revenue cycle. Steps in the audit process are explained and facilities are armed with a little working knowledge of the audit process. Industry nomenclature and examples are well used to dispatch this knowledge, but a working hospital or rehab facility Case Manager has different and sometimes urgent day to day priorities.

Demands on time dictated by circumstance and placed on Nurses and Case Managers throughout the day is another reason to investigate the value of outsourcing hospital appeals to PMA. Partnering with Premier Medical Appeals provides  hospitals and healthcare facilities with the ability to appeal 100% of their denials without overextending their full time staff and "on the clock" hours.

We are Nurses on a mission to stop the hemorrhage of hospital dollars. To find out more visit our website or contact IS AUDITING THE AUDITORS? WHO WILL WIN BACK "NON-BILLABLE" DOLLARS ?

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The process is complicated like an uncharted mine field

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Welcome Venita! So glad to have you in the hive! Interesting piece. I've never officially worked in the medical industry so can't begin to comment on the content but it sounds like a very valuable service your company provides. Thanks for sharing your industry expertise with the Bees

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