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The Importance of Teeth Whitening

The Importance of Teeth Whitening

Coffee, tea, cola and certain types of drink affect the colour of your teeth, gradually turning it yellowish. Some home remedies may bring back your pearly whites. However, discoloured teeth may require more than just your regular teeth whitening. In Canberra, dental clinics like Weston Dental are breaking the mould by adopting advanced yet affordable teeth whitening procedures. 

A smile can change things

But why do we need to whiten our teeth? Our smiles are influential and more powerful than you realise. Many people view yellow teeth unfavourably. Such unpleasant opinions about the state of your teeth can affect your social and business life to a certain extent. A 2007 study from the  British Dental Journal asserted that whiter smiles tend to increase social competence and intelligence . That's why teeth whitening treatment has become more and more necessary among professionals, particularly for those whose work require a lot of smiling, if not a pleasant countenance. 

Safe and secure teeth whitening services

Dull teeth can easily be solved through a whitening treatment. Say goodbye to stains that darken your teeth's enamel or outer layer. Constant tobacco use or intake of pigmented foods or beverages are some of the biggest causes of yellowing teeth in addition to natural aging.

Teeth whitening in Canberra usually involves bleaching yellowed teeth with hydrogen peroxide, the trusted whitening agent among dentists. Not only is it a highly concentrated solution, but it is also deemed safe and effective. Upon visiting your Weston Creek Dentist for professional teeth whitening, give or take an hour or two and you will see quick results. 

Canberra teeth whitening & bleaching

Your treatment is highly dependent on your cooperation. Remember that, despite being shades whiter, teeth may yellow again if you continue to consume pigmented food and beverage. Talk to your Canberra dentist for maintenance and discolouration prevention tips.