7 Efficient Ways to Rejuvenate your Skin

7 Efficient Ways to Rejuvenate your Skin

If modern advertising has taught us anything, then it’s the fact that premium skin care products are expensive as hell. We are led to believe that have to earn six figures in order to make our skin look young. However, there are efficient ways to rejuvenate our skin that don’t cost a fortune and that are homemade. An expensive facial treatment or high-end skin care products are not the only way you can make your skin glow. Here are the top 7 efficient ways to attain the perfect tan.

A hot, not a long shower

We all know the benefits of a warm bubble bath or a long, hot shower after a tiring day at work. However, this ritual might be damaging your skin follicles if performed too often. Long showers on a daily basis will damage your skin in the sense that they will deprive it of its natural oils. These protect the skin and after they’re gone, your skin will dry up and start to crack. In order to prevent this scenario from occurring, cut down on shower time and don’t take baths nearly every day.

The importance of rehydration

Skin care is not necessarily a procedure that approaches the skin from the inside. Skin care is an inside job, to put it as such. As far as food and drink are concerned, no liquid is more important than water. It might seem like a fairly basic thing to state but drinking enough water per day (at least 2 liters) is an integral part of the battle for better-looking skin. Apart from drinking liquids like water, teas, and juices, you can intake water through the food you eat. Vegetables in particular are loaded with H2O, so a cucumber or a watermelon slice is ideal refreshment.

Day after day

One of the most important segments of the struggle for better skin texture is the repetitiveness of the methods taken. Since we were children, our parents instructed us (although it seemed like they were forcing us at the time) to wash our face every morning. Even if splashing water onto your face is the only skin care method you are using, it should be done regularly, day after day.

Skipping a single face treatment will result in ineffectiveness of the entire treatment. Most exfoliants require application in the morning, after getting up, and at night, before going to bed. Don’t skip these daily tasks because skin care is really that: caring for your skin in every way possible.

Carbon laser peel

As one of the most popular skin treatments Skinnovation Laser Clinic offers, carbon laser peel rejuvenates your skin like no other method. It became popular after Asian celebrities bragged about it and for a good reason. Carbon laser peel shrinks enlarged pores, makes the whole complexion smoother, and enhances the natural radiance of face skin. The method this procedure uses includes the application of a medical-grade carbon solution. It then gets warmed so it will stimulate collagen production, thus killing bacteria and closing the pores.

Limiting sun exposure time

Sunbathing is not the same today as it was just a century ago. Because of ozone depletion, the global climate is changing but more important for your skin, UV radiation from the sun can damage skin cells. That is why you need to limit your exposure to the sun’s rays. If stay too long in the sun, your skin will age faster and there is even the possibility of sunburns developing. That’s why sunblock has become a must; factor 30 is ideal for your face. If you apply it in the proper way and don’t stay in the sun too long, you can actually benefit from your next summer vacation.

Are facemasks a thing of the past?

Facemasks seem like a thing of the past at the beginning of the 21st century. However, they can still be useful for a number of functions. One of them is helping the crème or another (natural) solution you apply to your face stick better and be fully absorbed overnight. In other instances, it traps moisture while you sleep, preventing skin dehydration, the dangers of which we pointed out when discussing showering too frequently. All in all, a facemask has been and it will always be a major skin moisture boost.

Warm water, cold water

The reason why your skin ages faster or you develop wrinkles before they are due is often the result of poor blood circulation. In this sense, your face acts like any of the body’s extremities, as it can easily be deprived of oxygen in the blood. In order to improve circulation, you should wash your face with warm and cold water intermittently. Instead of conventionally washing your face with lukewarm water, go for 10 cold and ten warm splashes, respectively, in the evening or in the morning. After a while, you will feel that your facial skin is invigorated because of the blood vessels inside it have been stimulated to pump in the sufficient amount of blood.

The skin on your face is more complex than you have originally thought. That’s why it rejuvenation process should from both sides: the exterior and the interior as well. After you apply all 7 or some of the efficient methods of skin care listed here, you are bound to see tangible and visible results.