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Solution to Get over the Problem of Hair Loss

Solution to Get over the Problem of Hair LossMost of the men in the world are affected by the Androgenic alopecia, which shows the baldness of head is a problem that needs an aesthetic correction to look good & presentable. The hair loss problem is primarily caused by two factors, one is an extrinsic factor, which includes the environmental stimuli such as water pollution, smoking behavior, unhealthy food & diet, chronic disease, Etc. and the other one is the intrinsic factor, i.e., genetic causes of hair loss. The extent of hair loss due to genetic loss presented the various grades of baldness, ranges from grade I to grade VII and this grade or degree of baldness was presented by Dr O’Tar Norwood in 1975. The problem of hair loss in men is more severe and concerning as compared to females as the complete state of baldness is only occurring in men, whereas the female presented only the thinning of the hairline as well as the wide partition in the middle of the scalp due to the genetic baldness that looks awkward.

The solution of the problem of hair loss is only available with the hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant in India is a selective option among the people who are affected by the Androgenic alopecia and the facilities and cost of the hair transplant applicable in India is very cost concerns that call people across the globe to join the Indian medical tourism to get the best benefits of the service.

The Reason behind getting the hair restoration/transplant procedure in India:

Cost Effective

To get the procedure of hair transplant in India is very much cost effective usually affixed with the standard facilities & care along with the assessment and procedure done by the topmost Surgeons or Doctors. The cost of the procedure in India depends on the number of grafts and per graft cost in India is 75% less as compared to the cost applicable in the western countries like the USA, UK and Europe.

World’s Best Surgeon

The procedure of hair transplant in India is the best decision as the treatment is provided by the world’s topmost Surgeons & Doctors and this is the second most important factor that calls patients from across the globe to join the procedure in India.

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