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Be grateful, we never know - favor will be returned unkindly.

Be grateful, we never know - favor will be returned unkindly.

It is a human attribute to be elated on the status one has gained or accomplished. Along with it, there's a feeling it generates that the status achieved should be compensated with the same effort, experience, and knowledge if one would be accepted for the same work he/she does. For no apparent reason, I find no compelling reason why it should be demanded?

We are living in the information age - meaning there are different channels or ways one can accumulate and learn the things he/she needed to learn. I regarded and appreciated the expertise one has attained during the years of his working experiences but to credit himself on what he has achieved and to believe that some others are not fit to the job just because others hold no relevant experience or fall short of what he thought is required is unacceptable.

While reflecting, I have realized that few people are not happy when others have achieved on what they have achieved. There might be jealousy and envious coming out with them. Wouldn't being grateful is enough to put you at ease because you were able to do it and been in that position? While among others are just an apprentice who is just starting to build their own confidence and space of their own.

That kind of attitude is a clear ground to failure. We have variety ways to be significant with others. If you think you're good, valuable and competent enough, why do you need to feel such kind of arrogance and self-pity? Envy breeds envy, same goes apply to jealousy, ungrateful and unwelcome. This is true: modesty wins confidence, greedy destroys friendship.

Let's remind ourselves. This world is full of uncertainty. We can't keep our job forever which we hold dear to us. We never know the person whom you have refused and thought unable to do the job would be better than you - or to some extent, when you apply for a job in a different company, in a very unlikely manner, that person whom you treated badly might be the hiring manager.

My advice:

Be grateful, we never know - favor will be returned unkindly.

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#3 Thanks for kind reply @Harish Daniel. Glad that you liked it.

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Excellent post, thanks for sharing @Vincent Manlapaz

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#1 Thanks for the kind reply @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher.

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Excellent advice @Vincent Manlapaz and so true, you never know who will return the kindness.

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