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Generating qualified leads remains a top challenge yet how much opportunity B2B marketers have to address it

Generating qualified leads remains a top challenge yet how much opportunity B2B marketers have to address it

Many businesses are struggling when it comes to generating qualified leads. In a study conducted by Ascend2, marketers reported that generating high-quality leads was a top challenge.

77% of B2B marketers said improving lead quality was their top priority in 2017—more important than increasing the quantity of leads (41%) or reducing costs (24%).

We know it very well that modern buyers have changed for good. No matter where they are in the buying process, the one size fits all solution is no longer viable.

This has all changed.

Today, buyers can do their own research online and can find a variety of educational resources through search engines, social media, and other online channels. Through content resources, today’s buyer can learn a great deal about a product or service before ever having to even speak to a salesperson. 

So businesses must make sure that they build their digital presence.

Source: Marketo

Thus, an omission of their (ICP) presence across the digital media would be a danger if not a misconception to fathom.

The reality, however, modern B2B Marketers have the numerous ways to reach out to their ideal customer profile. Generating leads is best to handle if they know what was required of them.

But the underlying question and the most quite obvious is: where do you find that person?

There are plenty of marketing partners on the Internet claiming to provide you access to a unique audience of prospective buyers, but in many cases, they simply either have a very large email list or use third-party tools to pull email lists as needed.

Another fault about generating qualified leads comes from cold calling as many people or businesses as possible until you get a bite. In reality, finding the right target to sell is just as important to selling to them.

Few of these struggles that need to be addressed are highlighted in this report DemandGenReport's 2017 B2B.

Getting its trajectory, the article provided common trends - vendors need to consider to earn the attention and gain the trust of modern B2B buyers.

  • 75% of B2B buyers said it is very important that the vendor's website present relevant content that speaks directly to their company;
  • 66% said it is very important that the website address the needs of their industry.
  • 71% of buyers expect an experience tailored to their individual interests and needs even if they conduct an anonymous search.
  • They focus more on risk mitigation, especially as the number of stakeholders involved in buying decisions increases along with the length and complexity of the buying journeys.

Despite this, business has objectives to achieve and fulfill. At the end of the day as a marketer, that’s what you’re looking for to answer.

Yet, how much opportunity are we missing with the take-out menu of lead specifications?

I’ve found over the years that nobody tells our business story as we do. So choose an option that allows you to retain control over the prospect experience while generating that lead to ensure your message and the value your solution brings isn’t diminished just to get a lead.

Our goal is to get a prospect’s attention early on in the buying process and then nurture them. In the process you can expand your personas to include a much wider group of roles within an organization.

Opportunity applies the same context. A business with no leads translates to a business with no sales. You can visit and see if any of these steps would add value to your existing marketing or sales initiatives.

Of course, a good data provider would be helpful, especially in the start-up phase, but don't neglect coming up with a strategy that will help in generating your own leads