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Marketing is the result of these predetermined activities (clarity, vision and strategy)

Marketing is the result of these predetermined activities (clarity, vision and strategy)

Marketing team operates on the basis of bringing /attracting customers. Inherent to that is to understand how they can place customers on the site they wanted them to be. Their task is to drive traffic, direct new customers and provide relevant and motivating circumstances either for new or existing customers. 

I would say this with the utmost respect - marketing postulate and its position as the marketer don't replace the responsibility of the support (be it sales/customer service) and fulfill the very centric role as described. 

Marketing consists of comparisons, measurements, and shifts tailoring to customers need or ICF's (ideal customers profile). They are the forms and the substance of the organization. If there's a disconnect between the marketing efforts/initiatives, it is not from their impediments resulting for leads/potential prospect to be displaced and withheld. 

According to Ken Cook - one must recognize and understand that the periodic pursuits of a company define its market position. Why? Because activities are what customers see and react to, and it's a customer's action (or inaction) that ultimately indicates success. If activities exhibit the vision, strategy becomes reality. Continuity from vision to daily activities produces a clear synchronization between whom you want to be and who you are (the USP of the business). 

Here are the following derivatives of marketing. They are as follows.

1) Clarity of vision and market perception

This means setting a direction and visi