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Prologue for the book (7 Forgotten Principles) I have written

Prologue for the book (7 Forgotten Principles) I have written

Here's the link to the Prologue of the book:

Synopsis of the book: 

Over the years, we have found ourselves accustomed to the terms judged by the book and the sentiments of the few who have created the world separated from themselves.

The biggest downfall in human history "is a man suits himself outside of his own control and self-leadership". No man has given a great character of himself without a clear understanding of who he is, where he is going and what is required of him.

Our society longs for humanection (human connection), peace, acceptance, individuality, yet what have we done to resolve it?  Rather, we always end up blaming and finding fault in the circumstances, unwanted and differing reasons which seldom yields for different interpretation and hindered us to see the way things as they are.

The message in this book is simple: see the truth of your own world - not on the lense of others but on the eyes of your own understanding.

Your world is never created by what others have failed to see for themselves. The principles mentioned in this book are not a law to follow but a significant reminder of what we have left and forgotten to do as a human being.

This book is yours to enjoy and appreciate.