Vincent Manlapaz en IT - Information Technology, Marketing, Sales Business Development Manager • Ziff Davis Company 19/3/2017 · 1 min de lectura · +400

Salesperson's greater impact is to share and learn on his own selves.

Salesperson's greater impact is to share and learn on his own selves.

We heard a lot of things about sales conundrum - where one of the hottest or great emphases placed on the subject of cold calling. It was viewed that this sales method is getting lesser value in today's marketplace.

I just thought, if this method is no longer acceptable and getting lowest ROI, it would raise a question as to why other businesses still have a phone system set-up - right? What does it mean to some and to others? Does it have any differentiator?

While everyone holds their own opinion, I must agree, there is a significant decline on this method but it doesn't mean at all it is no longer effective. To make a point, are we saying just because there are a lot of information posted and available online, they don't need someone to translate and make that information used to the business edge or advantage. 

Would you agree with me that most customer/buyer don't have sufficient time to absorb and get those information (either read/received) can be outlined in details compared to what a salesperson can do? Remember, every salesperson was trained and devoted more time to study each of those information at large so that they can break it down into simpler and consumable terms.

For me not being biased, cold calling still relevant. Why? As a salesperson myself I would say nothing beats