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The foundational key to success is the result of your actions...

The foundational key to success is the result of your actions...

What does success means to you?

Knowing what it means would give you a better start. We can look at it from different angles and measurements. Yet the true value of success is what makes us whole without breaking or making us feel short.

I believe 100% that without failure and disappointment, success would always be the missing piece. It won't give us what we have long for. Success sits to us well when it gives us deep meaning. The reality is - everything is not quite far but of a distant.

Our eyes were trained always to look for what is not presently available. Which yield to produce less since what we have thought the missing piece hasn't been available and it hasn't arrived yet. The reality, however, we can't wait to make things fall in order before we should act. That's why success must be viewed differently. Whether things are available or not, we must proceed and take an action. 

No matter what happen, being expectant (doing the same thing over and again yet no changes has been done) would not give us the best result we wanted.

The hard truth: most thought they are doing what is likely would bring them success. Remember, “If you always do what you’ve always been doing, you’ll always get what you’ve always been getting.”

What is a success then?

Success is not of the same actions that produces no difference. Success is not an event nor what you can accumulate (whether big or small) but it is an educated, informed and planned actions that bring different results.

The foundational key to success is the result of your actions. We can't control what's going on outside of us but we can surely control and choose what actions would give us the best result.

The best and compelling reminder we can share to our follower - be it our friends, family members, church mates, friends and colleagues is they can get the success they wanted if they are willing to change the actions they have done previously.

Success should not be limited if your circumstances are quite opposite and it seems to be against you. Don't blame your current situation. The best defense you can have is empowering yourselves. Procrastination would not bring you further or close to what you would like to achieve but only moves you too far away from so many possibilities.

Also, success is not an overnight meal