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Stygian & Co - the company that realised its vision

'The winner of the 2016 Junior Achievement Company of the Year is ...' 

I was sure the team's business presentation nailed it. My other colleague thought so too. But we were not sure about the outcome of the interviews with the judges. Having watched all four teams being interviewed, I was quietly confident that relatively speaking the team had a bit of an edge. 'But first let me give you the scores for all four teams: 299, 290.5, 264.5, 251.5' This is not a good time to be second, I thought. It's just too close.

The journey started in March with students marketing themselves and voting for leaders. They chose Stygian & Co as their company name. Stygian in Greek means dark. And so the pouches they produced which they deemed to solve customers' problems were dark. The name was unique but was the product unique enough? They had sold all their shares, made money back and would give a good return to the shareholders. They practised corporate social responsibility too for good measure. 'We donated all our profits to SMARTER (an organisation dealing with autistic children) and UNICEF', a presenter stated.

'I see a risk,' one of the judges commented. 'You're branding it as dark. How can you bring this product to a wider market? How can a dark pouch elevate itself to a global name?' Now that's a fantastic question. Can the students answer this? I don't remember the whole answer but it was 50-50. The answer addressed part of the judge's question. No time to think about that now.

'The winner .... is Stygian and Co!' Cries of elation from the supporters at the back of the auditorium. I couldn't believe it. The students did it. What an honour! The first team to represent Brunei in the Asia-Pacific Junior Achievement Competition in Tokyo next year! The students beamed with pride. 'Sir, we have achieved our vision and mission!'

This is just the start, I suppose. More work ahead of us. For now, a toast to the winners!

Stygian & Co - the company that realised its visionPicture 1: The sweetness of victory!

Stygian & Co - the company that realised its visionPicture 2: The hardworking presenters

Stygian & Co - the company that realised its visionPicture 3: Receiving the golden ticket!

Vincent Andrew Oct 1, 2016 · #8

Thanks for sharing this @Donna-Luisa Eversley.

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Vincent Andrew Sep 30, 2016 · #7

#5 The students realized the importance of team effort in this competition. Thank you Gert for reading and commenting.

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Vincent Andrew Sep 30, 2016 · #6

The students were incredibly happy with their achievement. Thanks Donna. #4

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Gert Scholtz Sep 30, 2016 · #5

Congratulations @Vincent Andrew and well done!

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Donna-Luisa Eversley Sep 30, 2016 · #4

Congratulations OMG ..yippee 😊😆😘😘🙌👌🍩🍦🍯🍮🍬🍭🍨🍟🍌🍇🎆🎇🎉🎊🎈🎈🎈this is soo fantastic Andrew @Vincent Andrew a great looking team of young leaders... Hip-hip hurray

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Vincent Andrew Sep 30, 2016 · #3

Thanks Dean. I definitely see room for improvement. Asia Pacific will be competitive! #2

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Dean Owen Sep 30, 2016 · #2

Congratulations! That is quite an achievement! Good luck with the prep for Japan!

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Vincent Andrew Sep 30, 2016 · #1

@Donna-Luisa Eversley the team made it!

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