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Where did all the Math go during the long holidays?

Where did all the Math go during the long holidays?

In this fascinating article by Harvard's Graduate School of Education, students on average lose 2.6 months of learning in Math over the summer. Now that's a great loss of learning for anyone. Why? The article claims that many parents — and their children — don’t think about math as existing outside of the classroom. Unlike reading which can be taken as a family activity, solving Math equations is not everybody's cup of tea. However, the researchers say that it is easy to overlook math in everyday activities. This includes measurement in cooking, how to deal with money or distance travelled.

While the researchers indicate that more work needs to be done to alleviate summer math loss, four fun ways are suggested:

  • Highlight the math in every day activities.
  • Read short math stories together.
  • Play math games.
  • Find small ways to practice math at home.

Watching the kids play monopoly and having a great time is not a bad thing after all. It is one sure way of boosting the Math skills even while they are on holiday!

How do you get the kids to be engaged in Math during the holidays? Feel free to share your experiences here.

The full link to the article is here:

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Mohamed Amroussi 2/7/2016 · #2

What you cannot measure, you cannot manage. How can we manage our precious Life without measurements , and measurement is Mathematics, Thank you @Vincent Andrew for your precious sharing

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Vincent Andrew 2/7/2016 · #1

Thank you for the share @Mohamed Amroussi. Much appreciated!

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