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Widespread Police Brutality in the United States is a Dumbfounded Lie

Widespread Police Brutality in the United States is a Dumbfounded LieFollowing recent events in North Carolina, a man was killed by police after being pulled over. His family stated initially that he had a book in his hand, which in any case I don't see what's so important about a book if you were to obey orders; put it down! However, officials say that they actually found a gun on the scene, and that officers had told the man multiple times to drop the weapon. Now don't get me wrong, cases like with Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Minnesota seem to me like legitamate cases of police brutality. However, that does not make it common. Other notable cases include Trayvon Martin, which from what I heard the guy was high and official evidence points that he had jumped George Zimmerman, who is mostly German, Peruvian and African himself, so he's not full-on white and racist. Michael Brown had robbed a store for cigarettes miniatures before, and the officer who shot him was responding to that call, and seeing official evidence and actual witness accounts, Brown began to proceed towards the officer; claims that he had his hands up were rumors and eventually some of the people in that neighborhood began to drop those claims as they were beginning to full-on investigate the case. In the case of Freddie Grey, half of the responding officers were black, and half were white, and Greg had exited the hospital for neck surgery the week before, so going out on the town and resisting arrest after having neck surgery is obviously not a good idea. The media did a great job at acting like it was a case of race profiling, with left-leaning news outlets like NBC and CBS never showing the pictures of the officers even after they had been released by the Baltimore Police Department. In the case of Tamir Rice; the parents were incredibly irresponsible for letting a kid take off the orange tip of his airsoft rifle and allowing him to point into at people. Outlets including NBC and ABC reported the airsoft rifle to be a "toy gun," which is incredibly different and obviously made to make the kid sound innocent. When I was 14 a few years ago I wouldn't have gone around town and point my dad's 40 year-old rifle at the public, since it never came with that orange tip, though the air pump has ceased to function and releases air, making the gun a simple relic of the past for now unless I get it fixed.

Concluding this read, I suggest that people truly honor their local and state/province police departments for all that they do. From family and friends of mine working in the departments I can tell you their jobs are long, straining, and uneasy, some shifts in cities lasting days before going back home for a few hours. Police are now the targets to many shooters and gangs, which is unfortunate as they are our only line of defense in neighborhoods without watches or other hired or private security personnel. Please show your support to them, not just police officers but firefighters and EMS, as in many incidents they are injured or killed on the job like in 9/11, where hundreds of first-responders were killed as the World Trade Center towers collapsed. You don't even need to buy them donuts or coffee; show your appreciation by complimenting them, thanking them for their service, and standing by their side in tense situations like now being perpetuated by thugs and liars.