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I can't handle today

It Started Off Like Every Other

Who, what, when, where, why, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno. All I know is today was looking to be great. Had an awesome day yesterday with the family. Went out and had a great little adventure. I was looking forward to Church, and going to the in laws today. Then just as luck would have it, everything came to a screeching halt.

The Breakdown

I found myself, near hyperventilating in church, feeling frantic, and just like I was about to explode, probably how someone feels with really high blood pressure. Physically I felt fine. There was't anything really going on or happening in that sense at that very moment. All I know is that I went from feeling quite peaceful, to absolute panic. I started saying to myself, no, not now. I just wanted to make it through this day and have a good weekend. Nope.

Right Now

So now, I feel incapable of doing much, I'm just trying to drown out the panic, and that blaring alarm going off in my head that something is wrong, like the world is ending or something. Too all of you who feel this way, I'm sorry this is something we have to go through. To all of you who are not, thank you for your support. We need your love and thats pretty much it.I can't handle today

Emily🐝 Bee 10/12/2016 · #9

#5 Anxiety is a chronic problem for me too. I have GAD & also depression, sometimes high functioning (if I'm lucky) and sometimes not. I'd be happy to keep in touch Vincent.

Emily🐝 Bee 10/12/2016 · #8

Vincent, how are you today? Have you found some ways to handle the panic episodes? I invite you to try mindful meditation or practice simple deep breathing. Inhale for 4, hold for 4, then exhale for 8 (letting the air all the way out). Do this intentionally at least 5 times and you should notice your body relax and your blood pressure regulate. You may also be interested in the Calm app for your smartphone. I use it to manage my challenging mental health and I swear by it. A free version is available. I wrote an article about it. It's on my beBee Blog.


#5 So glad to know that your anxiety panic attacks are sparse, my friend. Your writings here are beautiful, and I started your own Pinterest Board: Please follow me on Pinterest & click your pins off your posts~ we'll get the most out of your wonderful messages: (1) You're invited to Share my Board: For NewBeeZ: and (2) here is your own Pinterest Board: ! @Vincent King.

Lisa Gallagher 7/8/2016 · #6

#5 I understand, sadly I've been there. I find they may disappear for a long time and come back out of the blue. But, there's usually an event that triggers them or a series of events. Then they seem to come on after stress let down for me, if that makes sense? Do you have a counselor?

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Vincent King 6/8/2016 · #5

#3 Thank you for your comments. This isn't PTSD related. Anxiety has been a life long companion of mine. This past Sunday just so happened to be my first unprovoked panic attack which held more severe than usual physical implications. I'm doing better now. It took until Tuesday to get fully back to normal.

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#3 In total agreement and sincere appreciation of your contribution to actually have a solution! So much of life is 'lip service' to ailments, and that's a disservice overlooked by many health care 'unprofessionals' who just dare to write an Rx. You ROCK! @Vincent King, let us take this to the next level and get you better ~ that's how bees thrive!

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Lisa Gallagher 6/8/2016 · #3

@vincent King, I'm so sorry you were experiencing panic and anxiety. It's not fun. I see this was written 5 days ago, how are you now? Do you suffer from PTSD or Anxiety/Panic disorder without PTSD? There are others on here who have been where you are and can offer suggestions/help. One person that comes to mind is @Leckey Harrison. Keep us updated!! Sending good thoughts your way.

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