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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle

Not many shoppers can afford the huge sticker prices on new luxury vehicles. Therefore, luxury cars are considered "aspirational vehicles" because they are just but a goal to most people. However, there is a way out: All you need to do is wait for a few years for the car of your dreams to depreciate and buy it. Simple right?

You may have probably discovered that many used luxury vehicles go for the same price as many new compact cars. But most consumers still opt for new non-luxury cars because of misguided advice coming from people who probably have never driven, leave alone owned, a luxury vehicle.

Admittedly, buying a used luxury car has its fair share of cons, but they are not so different from those of the purchase of a used vehicle from any segment. As we shall see, the benefits greatly overshadow the supposed pitfalls.

Value for Money

Needless to say, you get more car for as little as it'll cost to own a new economy car. If you have ever driven a luxury car, say an Audi A8, then you must surely admit that the experience is far more exhilarating than that of driving a non-luxury car, say a brand new Toyota Camry: That and the amenities offered including a higher quality interior, more power, and better styling. Most luxury car manufacturers offer longer and more comprehensive warranties than typical mainstream car producers. Assuming that you are purchasing an Audi, taking advantage of a third party extended warranty can substantially reduce your Audi coverage costs, and you may end up paying only a fraction of the previous amount.

Less Depreciation

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle

It is surprising how dramatically new luxury car prices drop. Most lose over fifty percent of their initial value in the first four years. Thus, the first - or second - owner of the luxury vehicle would have already taken the major hit. Afterward, the vehicle holds its value quite well and doesn’t depreciate quite as quickly. The thing is, it is possible to lose more money in the first few years of owning a new economy car than of owning a used luxury vehicle.

Higher Social Status

While not necessarily a good thing, it is a reality that the car you drive affects the perception of people towards you. You will find that people will treat you better, and assume that you are more successful if you drive a luxury car. Shallow as this may seem to some, you will agree that it doesn't hurt to take advantage of this component of human nature in the right situation.

Advanced Safety Equipment

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle

In many cases, a three-year-old luxury car will offer more safety features than a brand new economy car at the same price. In fact, most safety innovations featured in the latest mainstream vehicles were first introduced in luxury cars. People pay more for luxury cars so as to enjoy more airbags, more advanced sensors, and a stronger body structure. Additionally, most luxury cars are more stable that most economy cars in the market. It does not even make sense to compare the Mercedes' stability to that of a Honda. Luxury cars are not just built to be posh but also to ensure that the occupants get back safely to their corner offices.

More options and Solid Craftsmanship

While a new mainstream car may offer more advanced tech features, the list is usually shorter than that of a used luxury car. A modern Audi, for example, will have components such as park assist and heated seats that are not yet common in the average mainstream vehicle. Needless to say, the same equipment is fitted using shoddy workmanship which causes them to fall apart in a few years. A pre-owned luxury car boasts of far better craftsmanship that results in in softer surfaces, superb interior sound proofing, fine stitching among other niceties.