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Eight Great Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Health

Eight Great Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Health
Although there are numerous activities you can engage in to improve your health, exercise is one of the most beneficial. To learn more about all of the health benefits that you can receive from engaging in regular physical activity, review the short outline of advantages provided for you below:

1. Reduces Susceptibility To The Common Cold.

As many health experts know, engaging in regular exercise reduces your risk of acquiring a cold. In fact, regular physical activity at a medium level of intensity is known to prevent them. There are a variety of ways that you can get this form of activity in, including by taking a brisk 45-minute walk 3 to 4 times a week. This type of activity can reduce the number of colds you get by up to 50%. It can also reduce the length of your cold by 50%. There are many reasons that physical activity is linked to common cold reduction. One of them is that exercise boosts immunity.

2. Improves Depression.

In a heavily medicated society such as ours, it's always refreshing to see that there are ways to combat disease without the use of prescription medication. Luckily, exercise is one of the most effective natural strategies you can implement to fight debilitating conditions like depression. In fact, studies have shown that individuals who consistently engage in a brisk walk experience the same improvements in depression as individuals who take the antidepressant Zoloft. This is important information for everyone, but particularly populations that are at an increased risk of depression, such as recovering drug addicts. When you enroll in a high-quality drug rehab, you'll likely find that exercise is an integral component of the recovery process.

3. Prevents Osteoporosis.

Yet another benefit that results from exercise is that it reduces your risk of osteoporosis. This is especially the case when you engage in high impact activities like climbing stairs, jumping rope, jogging, hiking, tennis, and dancing. The impact made when your feet connect with the ground stimulates bone cells to create new bone. This prevents the thinning that precipitates osteoporosis. Keep in mind that while brisk walking can help with the prevention process, this activity is not considered as effective as high impact exercises such as those listed above. Keep in mind that if you want to travel the world or be limber when you're older, exercise is key. 

4. Chronic Pain Reduction.

Yet another absolutely amazing benefit of exercise is that it reduces the experience of chronic pain. In fact, just 10 minutes of ca