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How to Earn a Living From Your Food Blog Business

How to Earn a Living From Your Food Blog Business

In the recent past, food blogs have increased significantly in the online business. However, many people pose the question of whether you can quit your regular job and make your food blog a source of regular income. You may discover that indeed you can earn a living from content such as what you had for lunch or what type of dinner you took last evening.

Julie Powell was the first blogger to try out the food blog business over ten years ago. She was an amateur cook who tried 536 recipes and ended up mastering the art of cooking French dishes in 2002. As of today, there are more bloggers in the food industry than the readers who can consume the content. While the number of food blogs has inflated over the recent past, opportunities to turn food blogging into a viable business has also blossomed according to internet experts.

In this article, we have compiled the steps you should take to have your food blog business succeed.

Decide on the Type of Food Blog You Want To Start

Narrowing down to a specific food niche will always succeed as compared to general food topics. This is especially when it comes to food blogging. Frugal cooking, sugar or curb free foods or gluten foods are some niches that you can consider when starting your blog. You can also specialize in a given type of food such as side dishes, fast foods, carrageenan based foods or even chocolate.

Create a Name For Your Blog

Come up with a name that is available as a domain name and that describes your blog in a nutshell. Be descriptive and avoid being too limiting that you make it hard to expand on your idea. For instance, a blog name such as chocolate candy is too narrow and instead you should want a name that includes cakes and cookies.

Purchase Your Web Hosting and Domain Name

It is possible to create your blog on free sources such as Weebly and Blogger. However, it is important to note that the most profitable and successful bloggers purchase their web hosting. You will buy your domain name as a package that is included in web hosting. You can also buy the two separately. Your web hosting service of choice should include an easy WordPress install. Despite other alternatives by web hosting firms, WordPress is the easiest to learn and the most u