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How Different PHP Frameworks Create Boom in Web Development?

How Different PHP Frameworks Create Boom in Web Development?

Whether you’re just going to start a business or want to give some spark in your existing brick or make a necessary online presence, you’ll need a Website. Web development allows your business to get in touch with millions of web surfers globally via Website. It also gives businesses a chance to represent themselves and display your brand online.

Things to consider before going into Web Development

Over time, websites have become more complex. As a developer, you have such challenges that force you to prioritize the objective of creating a Website that aims to attract visitors. Nowadays, PHP frameworks are one of the most popular website creation tool that contain the following features:

· Budget-friendly web development

· A rapid platform for code generation

· Fast, flexible and, customizable templates

· Creates a full-fledged software-as-a-service application

· Writes a little script to process data

· Provides authentic security constraints

· Easy maintenance

· MVC coding pattern

Why PHP Framework?

Using the right framework is always the best way to go. According to the developers, 80% of the websites are created by PHP. The PHP framework is a go-to creation tool that speeding up the development process. Also, reusing code across similar projects leads to saving the developers’ time and effort.

Therefore, the PHP framework helps businesses to fulfill their prerequisites by their potentials. Thus, there is no doubt that PHP frameworks will continue to achieving attention and popularity in 2019 too.

Top 10 PHP Frameworks

1. Laravel

Laravel was released in 2011 and has become the most popular open-source PHP framework. It has many in-built features that deliver rapid development and can securely handle complex web applications.

What features make Laravel the best PHP framework?

Own light-weight templating engine called ‘Blade'.

The smart syntax for authentication, queuing, sessions, cashing, etc.

Includes local development environment called ‘Homestead'.

Advanced RESTful routing system.

2. Symfony

Symfony was released in 2005. It is an open source PHP MVC framework which targets the advanced enterprise-level application development. It is the only framework known to follow PHP and web standards.

What features make Symfony the preferred PHP framework?

Easy to install and configure on most of the platforms.

Set of reusable PHP components.

Highly flexible and can integrate with bigger projects like Drupal.

However, Laravel more focuses on simplicity and can be easily handled by less advanced developers. But in contrast, Symfony target advanced developers and a bit harder.

3. Yii 2

Choosing a Yii 2 framework can facilitate a boost to the performance of your site that makes Yii 2 framework faster than any other PHP frameworks.

What features make Yii 2 the preferred PHP framework?

Integrated with jQuery and support for Ajax.

Object-oriented framework that uses class code generator called Gii.

Provides a web-based interface that allows you to interactively customize/ generate every piece of the core’s code you need.

Provides a clean and logical code-base because it follows the DRY coding concept.

4. CakePHP

CakePHP was released in 2005 and is available under MIT license. It enables you to develop amazingly feature full websites and also provide free use for personally or commercially. It is a CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) framework, which is easy in learn/ use.

What features make CakePHP the preferred PHP framework?

      5. CodeIgniter

      CodeIgniter is light-weight PHP framework. It is good for beginners because it more focuses on the creativity part.

      What features make Codelgniter the preferred PHP framework?

      · Suitable for developing dynamic websites.

      · Requires minimal configuration and little to no coding task.

      · Several tools are available in one package.

      · Offers simple solutions.

      · Extensive library for video tutorials, forums, a user guide.

      6. Zend

      Zend is highly powered and advanced PHP framework in the market. It is equipped with several features like PHP unit testing tool, a cryptographic coding tool, front-end supported drag and drop editor and others.

      What features make Zend the preferred PHP framework?

      · Suitable for complex, enterprise-level projects.

      · Integrate with external libraries.

      · Excellent documentation feature and wide developers community.

      · Supports third-party components.

      7. Phalcon

      Phalcon was released in 2012 and now very popular among the developers. It is well recognized for speed because its coding style is based on C and C++. Therefore, it adds exceptional development features in the course of web development.

      What features make Phalcon the preferred PHP framework?

      · Contains exceptional features like asset management, caching, execution speed, universal autoloader, and security

      · Decreases resource usage.

      · Optimize performance due to its efficient memory utilization.

      · Do not need to learn C, PHP classes are ready to use for any application.

      8. Slim

      Slim is a popular PHP micro-framework that helps developers to create powerful web applications with enhanced features.

      What features make Slim the preferred PHP framework?

      · Lightweight in design

      · Perfect for developing small web applications, RESTful APIs, and services.

      · Contain new features like HTTP Caching, Flash, session- and cookie encryption, etc.

      9. FuelPHP

      FuelPHP is a flexible, full-stack PHP framework. It doesn’t only support the MVC pattern but also supports HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller).

      What features make FuelPHP the preferred PHP framework?

      · Delivers end-to-end web solution.

      · Adds an optional class called ‘Presenter’ between the Controller and View.

      · Take care of security concerns by input and URI filtering and output encoding.

      · Provides optimized authentication packages.

      10. PHPPixie

      PHPixie is a highly optimized full-stack PHP framework with independent components. It develops high-performance web applications.

      What features make PHPPixie the preferred PHP?

      · Supports advanced Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) architecture.

      · Components are 100% unit tested.

      · Capabilities of ORM (object-relational mapping), caching, input validation, authentication, and authorization.

      Which PHP Framework is right for you?

      PHP frameworks are a great way to develop web applications. It reduces repetitive coding and speeds up the execution process. It also simplifies the development process and minimizes workload.

      Above, I explained all the best PHP frameworks available in the market but it totally depends upon the requirements of your projects. As we know that to get the best framework is a tough decision but here in the market, you can also hire a web developer who can shortlist the best PHP frameworks for you, which is based on your needs.

      Summary 2- Nowadays, developers need to build complex websites and web applications that emerges the need for a more structured way of development. PHP frameworks are a popular way to get adequate solutions in a simple and easy manner. The following article provides you the information about the best PHP Frameworks.

      · Easy to install.

      · Focus on simplicity and scalability.

      · Delivers rapid application development.

      · Commercially it is an excellent choice due to security features that include built-in validations.

      · Supports for AJAX.