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Interior Design to Impress Your Guests

Interior Design to Impress Your Guests

It can be so rewarding when guests walk into your home and compliment you on the décor, the layout, or the atmosphere. It is a little bit of a feel good boost of confidence that may last the entire time the guests are visiting. It is especially nice when the guests mention that they feel inspired by your interior design. To help create spaces that evoke admiration, here are some ideas to help you ramp up your interiors.

Jazz up Your Walls

Wallpaper is making a comeback. Covering otherwise blank walls with a nicely patterned wallpaper can immediately create an environment that makes guests feel cozy or festive, depending on the pattern and colors. This is an affordable way to make artwork out of your walls.

Investing in eye-catching artwork can really dress up a room and be a good ice breaker for conversation. Framed photographs will tell your personal story without having to spend a fortune. Paintings, drawings, and textural wall art will often evoke awe and wonder.

Framed mirrors can reflect light and make a room feel larger.

Are you on a budget? Hit up yard sales, vintage shops, and flea markets for unique objects that you can place on wall shelves made of reclaimed wood.

Interesting Lighting

Recessed down-lights just don’t cut it as the only source of illumination in a room. Ambient lighting is necessary to make a house feel like a home. This includes interesting hanging pendant lights, chandeliers, table lamps, and wall sconces.

You don’t need an antique crystal chandelier to impress. Focus on fixtures that highlight small areas that entice guests to settle in and feel comfortable.

Add Live Greenery

Plants are always inviting for a couple of reasons. First, the air in the house is cleaner and there is more oxygen. This is especially great for overnight guests who will benefit from a restful night’s sleep. Second, the soft textures of living plants and the natural colors are relaxing. Even a vase of fresh cut flowers is enough to soothe and cheer up guests, especially if the flowers are mildly scented.

Comfortable Seating

There is really nothing more inviting than chairs and sofas that are comfortable and attractive. Oversized stuffed seating that you can sink into is awesome. Arrange the seating to encourage conversation or to allow for alone time. Upholstered dining room chairs are a common trend that makes sitting around a table more enjoyable. Bar stool with backs make bellying up to a kitchen island a treat. Even consider salon style chairs for your bar or island.

Making your home a place that encourages people take notice is something you can do even on a budget. A common theme in awe-inspiring interiors is making spaces that are inviting, comfortable, healthy, and colorful.

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