Bookmarking the repose of splendid Spiti Valley

If you want to explore a spot that has remained untouched with the tides of time, that boasts of the unadulterated aroma of nature, bountiful of historical culture and secluded solace with sparsely populated villages. Then, Spiti Valley is one such place waiting for your visit. An exclusive Himachal Holiday Package would include this secluded surprise.

Himachal Tour Packages are not only a fantasy of “Shimla and Manali”. It is much more than that. Spiti Valley is one such incredible place which attracts tourists and travelers in abundance. It is a cold desert mountain valley seated high in the Himalayan range. The literal meaning of Spiti is “Middle Land” and it is truly applicable to the destination as it is a medieval land between Tibet and India. 

Glistening gems of Spiti Bookmarking the repose of splendid Spiti Valley

Brown Barren lands

Brown barren lands appear mystic with a backdrop of snow-clad mountains. Some nomadic villagers who earn their living by taming the herds of Gaddi sheep and goats come to the Spiti Valley in summers so that their animals can graze in the pastures with melted ice. However, they leave the valley much before the start of the harsh Winters.  

Villages away from the Time Clock

Villages located in Spiti valley are very thin in population. Some of them have only 35 people and 75 animals. Moreover, these villages are kept intact in their shells of culture and are quite untouched by modernity or urban changes. It is sheer bliss to visit one of such villages or opt for a homestay with local families. 

You will feel the warm hospitality of these innocent villagers as they serve steaming hot local delicacies and take care of your needs very aptly.   

Mythology of Monasteries

If history or mythology allures you, Spiti valley is the place meant for you. It is all dotted with ancient Monasteries. Some of them are Key Monastery, Tabo Monastery, Dhankar, and Lhalung Monastery, Komic, and Guru Ghantal Monastery are a few to be named. 

These Monasteries speak loads of historical Buddhist beliefs and traditions. A visit to one of these Monasteries would lend you inner peace and pristine bliss. You can meditate in silence or chant the Buddhist mantras or discuss religious thoughts with the wise and matured Lamas of the Monastery. 

Chandratal Lake

Located at a height of 4300 m, Chadratal is a celestial wonder of nature. Once you reach there, the turquoise water of the lake looks truly pristine and the beauty gets enhanced with the background of brown craggy mountains and cobalt blue sky. It is also known as a “Moon Lake”. It's crescent shape makes it all the more mystery and beauty laden. It is known to consist of sweetwater. It is the best spot for camping and a catchy photoshoot.     

Gyu- Unfold the mystery

Gyu Village is known to have a very aged meditating Buddhist Monk. His body is alive but you will be amazed to see because it looks like a dead corpse with a dull body lacking any movement. But, growth of hair and nails on his body has been recorded. 

His meditating body came to picture once the Indian Army was digging to make a bunker at Gyu village. Suddenly, they saw a bleeding body which was hit by their weapon. After taking out, the meditating body of Lama was found which was then shifted to a mud hut. His body has not rotten or decayed although no medicine or chemicals were applied on the body. Devotees come from far and take away his hair for worship.  

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