How To Be A Responsible Traveller In Ladakh

The cold desert dunes of Hunder, gravity-defying Magnetic Hills, the confluence of Zanskar & Indus river, sky-kissing Khardung La Pass, serene Pangong Tso Lake are few of the many attributes which have been drawing the attention of thousands (even lacs) of travellers towards Ladakh. Ladakh opened its gate to tourism in 1974 when 527 tourists unravelled this mystical land. Then, 3 Idiots premiered on the silver screen in 2009, and the numbers changed reached the six figures 1,79,491 by 2011 (that is greater than the population of Ladakh).

Must Book Bike Trip to Leh Ladakh

As Ladakh got the fame, followed the influx of tourists which added to environmental insecurity and resources scarcity. Leh-Ladakh is losing its flair, and we are to be blamed. Don’t you think so?

But, we can make up for it with few simple and useful tips because nature is the legacy we have to pass on to our next generation. Isn’t that sustainable development? Yes, it is!

Tips to be a responsible traveller in Ladakh:

  • Don’t Turn Paradise Ladakh Into Plastic Land

“Say No To Plastic Bottles”. During vacations, we buy plastic water bottles but purchasing a new bottle every day has led to 30,000 plastic water bottles garbage in Ladakh last year. Are we really exploring? Or we are making it yet another metropolitan city?

How To Be A Responsible Traveller In Ladakh

By avoiding new bottles purchase, refilling from school and government buildings of the bottle you had, buying relatively cheap glacier water (7rs per liter) is one of the most natural, effective and impactful ways to help Ladakh maintain what it always was.

2. Go For Homestays & Camps Over Hotels & Resorts

If we prefer to stay in homestays and camps in Ladakh, you’ll be helping the locals directly earn some money over staying in the hotels or resorts. You’ll get a better overview of the Ladakhi culture in a homestay, and we can bet on that. Camping is another way to feel the solace of Ladakh which we all love.

3. Contribute To The Region With All Your Knowledge and Skills

So, there is no doubt that Ladakh is a destination for backpackers and adventure fans, but you can't deny the sense of experiencing life in Ladakh mountains with your big contribution. Invest your time and techniques inside the regional communities, or even villages, and help out the young as well as traditionally old communities with the ideal set of helpful advice like how to keep your hydrated with children helping them on their research too.

This will give you revitalizing sense, and also spending time together with the regional communities will increase your thoughts to deal with hardships of existence. Wondering how? Go, visit yourself, and understand why we're persuading you to be a responsible traveller.

4. Travel The Lesse Known Roads

As we all know, a tunnel is on the verge to be made at Zoji La which would result in the numbers of tourists and travellers. But is Ladakh all about travelling to the same known places like others do? Has anyone seen Sham Valley turning to concrete jungle every passing day due to the influx of travellers? If not, yes that’s the bitter truth. We suggest you explore the lesser known road by trekking and camping at offbeat places. The best way to ensure minimal damage to the environment is by taking a local guide with you.

Moreover, you can rent a bicycle over the vehicles running with fuel to make it a better place. We are not saying explore whole of Ladakh on a bicycle, but for exploration of Leh, one can choose that. It will be the best cardio you would ever do.

This world is our legacy, and it’s on us, whether we read all the tips and decide to do something about it. Our next generation deserves to see why Ladakh trip is considered one of the best road trips in India as well as the world. Smallest of deeds today will make the biggest of differences tomorrow. Let’s take a step towards that!