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Who am i ?

 This is a story of a boy who lives in this century where the thinks have to do the way it is . The boy ,whom we call Peter have lovely parents and a brother who take a good heart for him  . He is lucky and like any other ordinary boy his childhood goes by . Peter studied , played with friends , had emotions . He just flows with the days and challenged the things comes over him . What challenges ? you might ask , yes . He got a gift to draw . When school competition comes , he attended for the painting competition , clay modeling like art stuffs . Whether he wins or not , he did it . 

                                                         But inside his head , he thinks too much . observe the things because he don't talk much . . his monkey head whispers all the time .. why that boy talk much ? why girls are like that ? why i have to study these things ...why ? why ? why ? . He is bit low to react with the things happening to him , even if a girl pushes him to the ground for no reason in playground he doesn't react . How sad isn't ? . so what happens to a boy like that when he have a crush for a girl in his school life ? I have the same thought like u think now , "no way . the girl most probably say no to him ". then what would happen ??? 

                                                               To be continued .....Who am i ?