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This is The Sin-bearer

The Holy One

Can anyone ever have thought of such a thing?


I am overwhelmed in my mind for though it stretches out in thought to grasp the realities…the immensities of the universe, as I see its wonders in the night sky…never can it reach to thee,

O Sin-bearer

You show me the God who cannot be known or imagined

Holiness…our hearts think of certain things…unapproachable light

But this…

You enter the present darkness…with humility! How can this be?

We ruined your world

We kill those you love

But you come O Weightlifter Almighty

Who can know You? So beyond our thoughts and imaginations

Majesty that would crash our hearts to cinders

We are dust without any anchor

Breath of God in a whisper, so holy it would wipe us out

But that Breath tells me to look upon the Face of God

And I see a Sin-bearer who lifts up on Himself the whole world and its weight

Rebellion against the God who made us

And we can never make it right

Nothing but hell is our destiny now

Yet here is He

Against whom we have sinned

Picking up the tab

Loading His Holy Body with all sin

Letting it destroy Himself instead

Oh Sin-bearer

I could never have asked You

But You came making an offering of yourself for me


And You made no demand on me even then…

Just the inexplicable offer of love, freely available

But I have to acknowledge what you did for me

I have to openly say:

“I see what you did for me”

Here I am Jesus

Accepting the Bridal invitation

Accepting the cleansing of your Blood

Crown me with your Holy Spirit

I am the Shulamite

Shunned by all

And You leave your royal chambers to live with me

Participating in my kind of life

Bring me into your banqueting hall, O King Most High

Show off your prize (for there is no accounting for what love will do!)

Show me off to your Father and all the Holy angels in Heaven

You fought for me and you won me!

For love is strong as death, and jealousy,

is every bit as cruel as the grave that was my destiny

I barely know how this happened!

Behold O angels…The Sin-bearer who lifted the sin of the whole world upon Himself

And look…He has clothed me in His own Righteousness!

For this glory that covers me is nothing I could have woven for myself

But I am His Bride

He bought me with His own Blood

Precious Blood He shed for me on the Cross when He died

His Righteousness is mine!

His Resurrection from the dead is mine!

His Ascension into the Heavens is mine!

There He sits at the right hand of the Power and the Glory of God

My love!

My eyes behold the King in His beauty

My Sin-bearer!

The One who breaks every chain that holds me

He has made a covenant with me which cannot be broken

Sealed with His own Blood, not mine

He picked up the tab and lifted me

To a position which I could never imagine in my wildest dreams

O Sin-bearer

Open the gates of hell and bring out your people!

O Sin-bearer achieve your purpose of joy and see your reward!

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Well done yet again Vivian!

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