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Free Wordpress Templates Themes and Cheap Free Wordpress Blog Themes

    Free Wordpress Templates Themes and Cheap Free Wordpress Blog Themes

    This is not only a guide to find Free Wordpress Templates Themes is also gives you some ideas about how to find the one you really want. If you have found the process of finding a free WordPress template theme a challenge then you will find the links, and information you need here to get yourself a new theme right away.

    Take a few minutes to read the 'how to search' ideas. This will give you a better selection right from the start. Templates Themes are a great way to get your WordPress site to take on a custom look without having to know a lot about the developer's side of things. If you are new at all this you will also find great resources to help you learn more about blogging and about WordPress so you can have a successful site.

    Using Free WordPress themes may hurt your business reputation. Most free Wordpress blog themes have sponsored links in the footer. This means that you may loose traffic and unless you know CSS and HTML you have no control over what sites your blog links too.

    Investing money in a good but cheap WordPress theme or template typically means the theme is less buggy.

    Many times Free Wordpress Themes have malicious code written in them to steal traffic and infect your website. It is very rare this happens but I would not risk my websites integrity.

    My Favorite Premium Wordpress Theme is Socrates

    Socrates Wordpress Theme Highlights

    • Custom Header Design System
    • 220 + Niche Headers
    • 1000's оf Design Combinations
    • SEO Optimized
    • Built іn Clickbank Monetization
    • Built іn Social Media Slider
    • Squeeze Page Templates
    • Sales Page Templates
    • WordPress Tutorials аnd Training
    • Internet Marketing Training videos

    Free Wordpress Templates Themes

    Finding great Free Wordpress Templates Themes is easy when you start out with the WordPress.Org site and span out. Start with the following links. Do a search on the site for the features you want in a theme. Do you want one or two or three columns? How about colors? You can do a search for: three column red

    Your search should come up with themes that are three column capable and have a red (ish) default (or customization ready) theme.

    Do you want to have your own header? Then search for: customized header

    Then check each theme to see how that feature is interpreted. If you want to find the easiest to customize then you will want a theme that will let you upload your header and click 'save' to implement the customized look. If you have more skills (developers or webmasters) and have access to the hosting dashboard files (if you want to get down into the files) you can replace the image used to feed the header with your own... if you don't need to ask me 'how' then you may be able to customize any of the templates you find (but read the TOS for each one before you tweak it ).

    1. Nothing but Free WP Themes NET

    2. WordPress.Org

    3. WordPress Commercial Themes (FREE)

    4. WordPress Adventure Journal Theme

    5. WordPress Creativix Theme

    6. WordPress Most popular Free Templates Themes

    7. WordPress Platform

    8. WordPress Nudge Design

    9. WordPress Rustic

    10. WordPress Liquorice

    11. WordPress Mataram Theme (Newsletter - Magazine Theme)

    This is a great guide to teach you how to plan and prepare your WordPress website. How to install the application and how to install WordPress Templates Themes. Additionally you can find the step by step about how to write, tag your posts, publish a post, and how to work with the text editors that are included in most templates. If you want a great 'getting started' guide then this is the right choice for you to have a handbook. For siteground hosting coupon, click this link: