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The Five BEST Sources Of B2B Leads Prospects

The Five BEST Sources Of B2B Leads Prospects
There is no one method that will serve as panacea for your lead-prospecting troubles. In marketing, as in life in general, everything is case-to-case basis. What we have, however, are ideas that are worth trying as suggested by experts and backed by empirical data.

According to a survey by the Chief Marketing Officer Council, most valued source of leads is from customer referrals. Amazing, right? While the criteria ‘most valued source of lead’ is somehow vague, one can logically infer that the reason marketers value a certain source more than they do others is because it produces concrete better positive results.

Here’s the top five sources of B2B leads:

  • 54% Customer Referrals
  • 14% E-Mail or Direct Marketing

  • 8% Internet

  • 7% Events

  • 8% Other

Interesting, right?  Read on.

Customer Referrals/Existing Customers

It’s overwhelming how big a portion of the pie goes to Customer Referrals/Existing Customers. But who are we to argue with numbers? So stop what you are doing right now and imagine how referrals from satisfied customers could generate valuable leads and grow your business. No, don’t just imaging it. Internalize it. See, customer referrals are a means of providing immediate credibility. With the increasing ability for consumers to share personal expression on the Internet, Blogs, E-mail, and word of mouth, the ability to communicate has enhanced the voice of the customer. In business-to-business transactions, a customer referral is more likely to lead to an appropriate contact with a relevant message, which is far more powerful and likely to result in success than a cold call from a third party.

So tap into that seemingly infinite wealth of existing customers and convert them into living testimonies. Never waste an opportunity to treat your customers as partners. Make them feel like they are a part of the company and your goals and chances are, they won’t hesitate to mouth a praise or two about you to friend.

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Email or Direct Marketing

Though a fraction only as effective as customer referrals according to the research by CMOC, emailing or direct marketing packs a punch, too. Admittedly, email can sometimes feel like an old tool – obsolete, even — in the marketing mix, but put yourself back into a customer’s shoes. It’s still every marketer’s bread-and-butter for prospect questions, se