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Brand Development Strategy: The Only Way to Build Your Brand Identity

I have no doubts that each of you can recognize the brand represented on the cover picture of this article. However, what factors contribute to the fact that practically every person in the world can recognize these two words on a red background? That's all a matter of brand identity developmentintended to explain the company's mission to customers and bring a positive experience.
In this article, we will tell you about the importance of branding, give several examples of successful campaigns, as well as some tips on how to brand your product on a budget.

What is branding in business?

The first thing you should understand is that branding does not exactly have to do with the logo, name, trademark or any other symbol of your company. Moreover, it cannot exist within the department of marketing only. I would say that all of these are nothing more than just components of brand development strategy but not the only things affecting it.
So, what is branding actually? Commonly, it is focused on the creation of awareness for a company, as well as the products or services it provides customers. In other words, branding contributes to the creation of the brand's image in your customers' minds.
Well, if not a slogan or logo then what helps customers form this image? That's the reasonable question with a little-blurred answer. In short, your brand's image depends on the total amount of all the impressions your customers get when interacting with anything connected with your business.
This way, the impressions the customers get can be based on a bunch of factors such as interaction with your product, the company or you personally. The last point is actually the reason why entrepreneurs all over the world start blogging and being interviewed actively. They are developing personal brand that way and to be closer to their target audience at the same time.
Each interaction tells customers something about your brand. So, if they're convinced a product or a service is advanced and innovative those traits become a part of your brand in their minds. Let's say that if you have a beautiful and easy to use e-commerce website, your brand may be perceived as experienced or even world-class. In contrast, if your design is poor and inconvenient you may look cheap and amateurish for your customers.