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GitHub vs BitBucket vs GitLab

What is GitHub: first source code repository

GitHub - a social repository for open source code projects that use Git for source code versions control. This host site is a distributed file version management systems. Linus Torvalds created this project for Linux kernel development control. Such projects like Chromium, jQuery, PHP, MediaWiki etc. use Git. Good news - this free software is released under GNU GPL license version 2!
The mission of GitHub is to make the development process quick and captivating, especially when a few individuals simultaneously are working on the same task. Apart from being a good tool, GitHub is a large educational source. This service includes more than 21 million of code hosts. So let's take a look at GitHub features.

GitHub benefits

GitHub is gaining the lead, in our opinion. And you should check out its strong sides to find out why. 
Bug tracking
GitHub integrates this feature to simplify search and bugs fixing. To understand what should be done, a developer just opens the dashboard of each project and filters the information. Questions can also be sorted according to their popularity, update time and so forth. This software also has a convenient user interface that makes it source No.1 among the IT-developers. It can be an answer to your question 'Why should I use GitHub?'
Find your project easily
GitHub allows finding easily open source code projects. Also, you can find an information concerning learning and searching of open source code projects and making them into groups. In addition, GitHub shows trend repositories and sort them by days, weeks, or months.
Meet new developers
Some thousands of new developers worldwide join the large network of GitHub users to share their experience and express ideas.
Share your experience
Gists allows users to share code, text fragments, or any information with other developers. It can be used for text exchange, and gists work as git repositories, therefore you can just bifurcate them and update their versions. So if you use it in open source code website, it can be a real alternative.
Coordinate your projects together
GitHub has effective and clear features for team management. Thus, that the efforts of people engaged in working on the project are easily coordinated through this source. In this case, the outcome of the work is high.
Integrated code search
GitHub supports code search whether it be from a specific project or a website. Moreover, this platform has a perfect SEO, so users can find any code string located in public repositories.
High compatibility
Most cloud hosting services perfectly match GitHub. Any project located on this source code hosting can be customized for these services wit