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Mobile App Prototyping: Find Out Why It Is Crucial For The Project

Why is prototyping important?

Let's note that a prototype is the version of your app that makes it possible to test all the main potential features and see how its design will look in the future. This idea is very close to the minimum viable product, that is you will see what design your future app should have.

The difference is that a prototype doesn't function as a real app. Prototypes just allow for an opportunity to get a general impression due to the capability to click, move from screen to screen and see the design. UX prototyping tools are used to help in this.It is worth noting that it is almost impossible to find an app that was released without any modifications and amendments on the first try. Also, during the process of a product development, customers often want to add some new features or make changes that increase the scope of work, the amount of code and costs.
Mobile App Prototyping: Find Out Why It Is Crucial For The Project
How prototypes are created

As a rule, the development process consists of the following stages:
  • description of the idea;
  • development of mockup; 
  • design; 
  • coding; 
  • testing; 
  • bug fixing; 
  • beta-testing; 
  • getting feedback and app updating. 
This scheme has some disadvantages. For example, users receive the app too late since you worked hard and spent a lot of money. And you can realize that your project is already not in demand among your audience. That is why you need a UI prototyping first to get feedback from users as soon as possible and get a clear vision of the app before you are out of funds.
Prototyping can help you determine the conception of the future product, showing its capabilities. Designers can build a mockup for a visual interface, and developers will have the understanding of how each feature should function. Since it is a full-fledged working model of a final product, an app prototype will help avoid mistakes and eliminate them in the very beginning. And it will make that the user experience is much more convenient. Besides that, you will save on costs spent on the development.

Advantages of prototyping

Now let's check out what strong sides prototypes have.

Money saving
App development can be a very expensive process. So if you plan your future project, you will be able to avoid a bad result. You won't need to start everything from the beginning, and it will protect your reputation. Unfortunately, users usually don't use the app again if they faced some bug or defect. So, if you build app prototype, you will not regret it.

Instant feedback
Feedback can be even one of the most important parts of the software development process. Developers can understand their users, they can define what they need to modify or change. Users' reviews can give unique and fresh ideas to understand the demands of users, and it makes them feel like participants of the development process.

Branding use
Business branding makes it recognizable and memorable. So you can design your brand in advance in your prototype. Why do you need it? When interacting with your users, your app could have already become recognizable, and it will allow you to draw many more users after your app release.

Bugs prevention
The main reason apps fail is that developers understand too late that they passed over something critical in the development stage. And it also gives an opportunity to test different platforms. If it works on the website, it doesn't mean that it will work on a smartphone or tablet. It is important to create app prototype for different devices to make sure it will function properly everywhere. And, of course, you should make your app available for a few platforms, because it will increase your audience by default.

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