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Tips to attract users to your mood tracking app

The best mood tracking apps

Let us start with manual mood tracker apps. Here, a user has to put all information about his or her fillings and emotions manually. iMoodjournal is one of the best examples of such applications.
iMoodjournal was included into the top 9 Best Android apps 2015 by TechGyd. It is an app that has everything you need. One of the major difference from similar applications is that it helps build links between actions or event and users mood.
Tips to attract users to your mood tracking app
iMoodjournal application

The application gives you an opportunity to note your thoughts and emotions with the help of mood colour bar. You can also set reminders, see the history of your mood changes in an animated way. Link your life events with emotions using hashtags, share your mood in social media. The app builds multiple graphics depending on the hours of the day or the day of the week.
The second type of such apps is an app connected to wearables. To use it you need a special device that tracks your heartbeat and breathing. One of such applications is Spire.

Spire mood tracking app

This mood tracker app is connected to a wearable device which monitors when people feel stress and have increased heart rate and heavy breathing. In such cases, it informs a user that he or she needs to relax. The app notifies users if they need to distract and if they don't breathe deeply enough. It also tracks users activity, counts steps and if they sit for too long. As well as that the app offers a range of meditation scenarios to relax during a day.
The last type is meditation app. They also help you to control your mood and be relaxed when it is needed. One of the brightest examples is Calm.

Сalm application
Calm is an app with hundreds of meditation scenarios and for beginners and for advanced meditation guru. You can choose not only the level of complexity but also the length of the session which could take from 3 to 25 minutes. Moreover, there is meditation for all occasions. App also helps track users progress and improve meditation skills.
As a bonus, all meditations are divided into simple daily programs. There are also sleep stories which helps a user fall asleep faster, breathing exercises and relaxing nature sounds.

How to engage and acquire users

No matter what type of application you are eager to create, the most important is how you are going to keep users. We have combined all the best practices and the latest approaches to help you decide what strategy to apply developing a successful mood tracking application.

Tips to attract users to your mood tracking app

#1. Make your app unique

The idea isn't new. But it provides food for thoughts. Make innovations work for you. A win-win situation is to choose the most popular technology and apply it to make a daily mood tracker app more interesting and catching. As an option, you can add a chatbot to your application. A bot could work as a therapist giving encouraging advice. If you read our previous articles about chatbots you should remember that there are two types of chatbots, a bot that uses canned answers and a bot that works with the machine learning technology.
With such a delicate application that has to improve peoples mood and mental health, the developer has to be super careful writing canned answers for the bot. The advice must be useful but gentle recommendations.
If you aren't very familiar with the concept of Chatbots, then you should watch this short video about them.
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