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Circuit Training Routines - The Definitive Guide

Circuit Training Routines - The Definitive Guide 

Circuit Training Routines - The Definitive Guide

Circuit training routines - the definitive guide. Do you want to get ripped while saving tons of time? Reveal your highly detailed and effective circuit training workout guide and learn how to structure your sessions by yourself. No gym required - perform your circuit workouts at a place of your choice. Ready to get rapid training results? Start reading.

The circuit training routines are sessions that will involve a couple of exercises/movements, where you have to alternate each other in a circuit fashion with limited to none rest between them. 

Every exercise is a certain station. So you have to move from one station to another. 

These workouts are performed in rounds frames. You have to move through 2,3,5 etc. exercises and then rest for a certain amount of time. 

In addition, these circuit training routines can be performed for repetitions. For example, 5 stations (5 moves), 10 repetitions for each (just an example). 

How Many Exercises To Include In Your Circuit Training Routines?

It highly depends. 

I'm performing circuit training routines from about 10 years and my favorite are the ones where I alternate 2 or 3 exercises. 


It's way easier to pick 2 or 3 movements and go back to back instead doing 5 or 6 exercises and get confused or forget what comes next. 

See, if the session is a highly intense one, you breath hard and you're "in the zone", you might want to minimize the frustrations in your circuit training routines. 

You don't want to get confused of what comes next, how many repetitions to do etc. 

Otherwise said, to get an outstanding circuit training routines, keep it simple so you can focus on less and push the pedal more efficiently. 

This advice is priceless if your level  is a beginner or intermediate one.

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Circuit Training Routines - The Definitive Guide